Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Local Indulgences: Peach Cobbler

One of the greatest things about local foods is that you can find varieties that actually taste good. Long distance foods are typically of biologically strong, aesthetically pleasing varieties. But, they're not necessarily the foods that win out when it comes to flavor. Local food doesn't guarantee quality -- but it sure goes a long way in making quality possible.

Maybe these peaches are a bit of proof in that area. We can't grow peaches in Wisconsin (our climate simply isn't favorable); however, our neighbors just across Lake Michigan are pretty darned good at it. It's true that, when purchasing our fruit for the week, we should have opted for the apples grown within 20 miles of our house. But, we couldn't resist the end-of-season peaches just down the way.

Since they're already a guilty pleasure by nature, we decided to take them right over the top. After using one of the blushing beauties to make that fantastic salsa for our fish tacos, we also made up a delectable peach cobbler.

We started off by slicing up those juicy peaches. We threw them in a greased baking dish with a bit of sugar and cornstarch...
And we draped them liberally with a topping made from oatmeal, whole wheat flour, sugar, and a liberal dose of cinnamon.
After about 40 minutes in a moderate oven, we produced a local dessert that was entirely TOO scrumptious for its own good. Topped with a bit of caramel and a scoop of Sibby's icecream, and we were VERY happy local eaters.

Oh, yeah -- and I have a message for those of you residing in Michigan.

If you people aren't eating these peaches by the armload... and canning them, freezing them, and otherwise taking advantage of the harvest... well, you need to get out there and DO IT! Before they're all gone! They're too incredibly good.


  1. Those peaches look luscious! With prices the way they are at grocery stores now we'd be crazy not to take advantage of the fresh produce and fruits our local farmers have.

  2. Oh you are so lucky, they look amazing!

  3. You are lucky. Peaches are past their prime around here. It's all about apples in NY right now. Not that I'm complaining about apples, but I don't think I really got to do anything fun with the peaches this year.

  4. Yay for local food! And double yay for Peach Cobbler!!! I have a freezer full of peaches, I couldn't resist. Your cobbler looks delicious!

  5. Nice...

    I wish I could have some of your peaches. Mmm.

  6. Oh, yum! I've had a craving for warm spiced peaches lately. (Now where did I put that recipe?) This post has kicked me into action.

    Guess what we're having this weekend!!

  7. Oh, for the love of food! Peaches are one of my favorite fruits. I canned a huge amount of peaches, so this is a recipe I'll put to good use. Thanks.

  8. Anything peach sounds great to me! I'll be saving this for next peach season as I believe they've gone by here now...that's OK...nice to be ready for the next time I see some great ones!


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