Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thai Style Fish Tacos

Well, it seems that, not only am I on an eggplant kick. But, I'm also on a Thai food kick as well. So, you'll pardon me when I tell you that I've played around with yet another classic dish, the fish taco.

It all started with a batch of the most delicious peaches. I brought them home from the store... and we ate a few out of hand. They were so juicy, they practically burst upon contact with our fingertips. Juice ran down our chins, and the flesh filled our mouths with the full glory of a September sunrise.

They were screaming to be used for salsa. So, I took a couple, along with a shallot or two, a stray tomato, a Thai bird chile, and a handful of cilantro. And I tossed them together.

I'd also purchased a couple of very nice catfish filets from the market. So, I decided to run with the theme. We breaded them in a mixture of whole wheat panko, unsweetened flaked coconut, and a bit of cornstarch.
And fried them up nice and crisp in a bit of coconut oil.
I shredded a small head of red cabbage, and tossed it with plain yogurt, a bit of mayo, some Thai red curry paste, lime juice, and a bit of sugar. Added a handful of cilantro. And called it "Thai coleslaw"...
Now, in my world, where there is cabbage... and fish... and a tortilla... there is a fish taco. So, that's kind of where the dinner headed.
Perfectly unplanned. Delightfully unexpected. Thai fish tacos were the discovery of the day. And they were absolutely fabulous.

Thai Style Fish Tacos with red curry coleslaw and peach salsa

Local Notes: You're sharp readers, so indubitably one or two of you are thinking that we've already blown it with these delicious tacos (not to mention the coconut curry). And you would be right. Except that this blog isn't always "real time". We made these tacos (and the curry) BEFORE October 1st, so technically they don't figure into our Eat Local Challenge food. But, it has occurred to me that COCONUT MILK (right along with Thai curry paste) is a bit of stumbling block to our long-term local eating. Inevitably, there is going to be another exception made here at some point. Coconuts don't exactly grow well here in the northern climes of Wisconsin, after all! So, we're going to have to give some thought to how Thai food fits into to our local eating goals. It's definitely possible we'll be going the month of October WITHOUT. But after that? Food for thought.

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  1. This looks delisous! Your discription of the juicy peaches is driving me crazy!! I've never made fish tacos, so this needs to go on my dinner menu for next week.

  2. You know I love love fish tacos. These look fabulous.

    We still have loads of Salmon from my husbands trip up there....hmmmm maybe I will try the thai angle....yum.

  3. These look so great. And yes, eating local is great but too hard to give up certain flavors of the world.

  4. Oh my! Just the thought of that peach salsa is making me salivate!

  5. Feh, purist smurist. These still look really effing good even though they have coconut and peaches. :P

  6. I love the coconut in the breading and fried in coconut oil. It sound so fresh and tropical. Great idea!

  7. I just read your cobbler post and I had to come and see the salsa. Love a fruity touch embeded in a savoury dish!


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