Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One of Our Favorite Things: Apple Picking in Autumn

Nothing says autumn like a trip to the apple orchard in October!
It's an annual tradition for us to go apple picking in mid-October, and this year was no exception.
We're particularly fond of our friends at Barthel Fruit Farm in Mequon, WI. While not an organic orchard, Barthel's practices integrated pest management (IPM), a growing technique that minimizes the impact on the environment by cutting pesticide use by 50-70%. More information on IPM.
On this particular day, they were picking Golden Delicious, Courtlands, and Ida Reds. We went for the Ida Reds -- which are great apples for storage. And they're good for both baking and eating out of hand.
First, we surveyed the rows and rows of apples.
The day was positively gorgeous -- mostly sunny with temperatures in the 60's. And the apples were ripe for the picking.Most were just within reach.
And some were still covered in the morning's dew.
Before we knew it, our bag was filling up.
Here's Peef bringing back a load from one of the trees.
Ultimately, we picked about a 1/2 bushel of apples, which could get us easily into January.

And, of course, everyone loves a happy ending!
Want more? See more (and sillier) photos over at News From Peef & Lo.

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  1. Good thing you went before this cold snap hit!!!

    I stocked up at Patterson's last week. Hopefully, my stash will make it til my Thanksgiving baking...we go through a lot of apples around here!

  2. Awwww at the ending. Apples are so great fresh off the tree. Something magical about them.

  3. Sooo sweeet! I bet you're sweeter than those super fresh apples from the trees. :)

  4. Apple picking is something that never gets old :) Especially this time of year, when the choices are plenty... and good game on the Ida Red, they are like the underdog of apples. Glad you guys had a good time :)

  5. Lily says Hi - Uncle Peef! :-)
    We are sad, we didn't get to get any apples picked this fall - it is our tradition and it didn't happen, cuz the local apple grower, just picked them all instead of letting us help! jo

  6. Hey Lo!!

    Great to see your blog is still up and that you and Peef are well. I need to bookmark and visit more often :)


  7. You 2 are so cute!! I wish there was somewhere around here we could go apple picking, I absolutely love them!

  8. OMG the last photo is adorable...looks like it was a great time.

  9. I love the last photo! I want to go apple picking!

  10. There is nothing like a good day in the country in the fall. I love fruit picking of all sorts.

    You can really get carried away with it though. I went berry picking a couple of years ago and ended up with what must have amounted to a gallon of raspberries. Two people could not conceivably eat them all before they went bad.

    If you've overpicked, you'll just have to bake all of your friends apple pies with the surplus. I'll be waiting...

  11. Oh i love your blog.... its just gorgeous...


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