Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Pancakes with Crab Apple Compote

Full disclosure before I begin: A picture cannot lie. And we cannot claim to be perfect. This recipe utilised a can of pumpkin that has been hiding in my pantry since last winter. Since I doubt Libby's brand pumpkin is grown, pureed, or canned locally, we must disclose that this meal does not meet the qualifications for being entirely local. We apologise to the purists.

The truth is, it was a lovely autumn morning. And I was craving pumpkin pancakes. Since I didn't have a local pumpkin on hand to roast and puree, I scanned the pantry shelves for the next best thing. And I found it.

We mixed up a nice whole grain pancake batter -- and added a few scoops of the pumpkin puree.
When I poked around in the fridge to make sure we had syrup for the pancakes, I also came across a handful of heirloom apples (and crab apples) from one of our latest CSA boxes. So, I decided to make use of those as well. I set Peef to work chopping up the apples, while I put some butter on the stove to melt.
When the apples were chopped, we added them to the pan with the butter and a sprinkling of sugar and a bit of cinnamon. They caramelized nicely, and filled the room with the smell of a nice, tart, apple pie.While I fiddled with the apples, Peef was making up a whole batch of pumpkin pancakes.
When I saw that he was getting close to finishing up, I grabbed one of those steaming flap jacks and tossed it onto a warm plate with a pat of butter and a drizzle of pure maple syrup.
When the butter is getting melty, I added a bit of the apple compote...
On second thought, I added another pancake, and a dash of cinnamon.Now, that was more like it. We settled in happily with our pumpkin pancakes and freshly brewed cups of coffee. And suddenly it felt just the way autumn was supposed to feel. Warm. Snuggly. And just about perfect.

Make up some of those pumpkin pancakes for yourself (use local pumpkin, if you can):
Whole Grain Pumpkin Pancakes

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  1. It looks wonderful to me! I love pumpkin pancakes!

  2. I haven't had pumpkin pancakes for years! We used to do a "Pilgrim Breakfast Feast" at the kids' grade school that included pumpkin pancakes, venison sausage & WI maple syrup.

    And no worries on the Libbys. Sometimes you just have to make do to get your fix!! (I use it in my pumpkin bars!)

  3. Oh you have a lot of patience with those little crab apples. This is a beautiful recipe.

  4. fabulous idea! I am going to get right on that.


  5. Sounds like a delicious and healthy breakfast! :)

  6. I don't get to see a lot of people putting crab apples to use. Great idea for hte pancake topping.

    Don't be ashamed of the old can of pumpkin. Considering that I have a cabinet full of stuff I just can't use up, I'd be the last one to point fingers.

  7. Gorgeous, really really gorgeous! I would never have thought of these, but they sound great. I think we are losing out on the usefulness of canned pumpkin here in the UK. I have never actually seen any for sale.

  8. I think I'm the only person out here that hasn't had pumpkin pancakes! I think I need to remedy that! These sounds so good...your making me hungry!

  9. These look wonderful! I enjoy pumpkin pancakes at my fave breakfast place, but have never made them myself. I'll have to give these a try.

  10. i have that very same can in my pantry. seriously it is well over a year old...

    pumpkin pancakes sound wonderful...

  11. I love crabapples! I've been thinking a lot lately about how how they'd be dipped in caramel. But I'll take "on a pancake".

  12. why hadn't I heard of pumpkin pancakes before?! A great use of tinned produce - even those of us on a mission need the occasional standby brekkie ;)

  13. This is the best idea! I am starving! Thanks.

  14. Long live CSA, I really like its concept...wish we had it here too.
    Pumpkin and appples always mean autumn to me, bet the pancakes were delish!

  15. how on earth did i miss this post? i love any vehicle for maple syrup and anything involving apples, so this is a double whammy for me. awesome. :)

  16. We don't really eat pumpkin over here, and bar hallowe'en you can't buy it at all. It would be a rare shop that would sell it canned as well so... I don't feel confident I will ever taste this... and I really really want to! SOB!


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