Friday, October 10, 2008

VegHead Chili

When we got home from Dallas, we surveyed the contents of the refrigerator.
  • 2 small red cabbages (from our CSA booty)
  • a few locally grown carrots
  • 2 sleek leeks (locally grown, obtained at the co-op)
  • a bunch of peppers (both sweet and hot) from the garden
  • some lonely celery (I do not believe this was local...!!)
  • 1 locally grown butternut squash (OK, not in the fridge... but close)
  • a few onions (from last week's farmer's market)
Alright, alright. The outlook was better than expected. But, it still presented a few challenges for an entire week of eating.

Fortunately, I was saved by a few of my freezer staples: frozen roasted tomatoes from last summer's CSA and a bag of grilled corn (from earlier this summer when we were eating corn on the cob by the boatload). We also have a well-stocked pantry, so cans of beans (from MI), and spices (from Penzey's) were also readily available.

HaHA! I shouted (accompanied, of course, by the prerequisite menacing grin). And I began chopping.
Somewhere along the line, three beans escaped from their respective cans and posed for me on the cutting board... so I took a photo.
And a beer from Viking Brewery flung itself out of the fridge. So, I decided to make use of him. He turned out to be a secret ingredient (though I'm fairly certain that an ordinary stout would do in a pinch).
I roasted up a few poblanos from the garden, tossed in a few jalapenos. And WA-LA! Veg-head chili.
The cheese on top is truly gratuitous, considering the already delicious nature of this chili. But, we couldn't resist being a little bit indulgent.

This chili was a winner this week, not only because it tasted great, but also because it made a large enough pot to provide lots of leftovers for lunch (and another dinner).

If you're interested in the basic recipe, I'll share.
Veg-head Chili

NOTE on the Viking Hot Chocolate Beer: Pretty interesting stuff. A bit sweet for my taste -- which is why it ended up in the chili, rather than directly down the hatch. But, I like the adventurous folks over there at Viking. They get thumbs up for originality.

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  1. Sounds fabulous, I love the cabbage in hear!

  2. Very creative. There is nothing like going into the refrigerator, seeing what you have, and seeing what you can make out of it.


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