Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekend Adventures Beget Local Eating Challenges

This week was tough on the local eating front.
We spent the weekend away from home (in the metropolis of Dallas, WI -- where we partook in their annual Oktoberfest celebration... a small town affair with feasting, Viking combat, and a whorl of other funny, kitschy delights).

We spent two phenomenal days gazing at the developing fall color, visiting with dear friends, and enjoying ourselves quite immensely.

We also found ourselves eating "outside the rules." Sure, we remained inside the lines of our pledge (if you consider the fact that we tried our best, supported local businesses, and didn't snub anyone). But, our local eating was far from pristine.

On the UP side, we did eat locally made bratwurst (yay!). These sausages were made by a local sausage maker (or so we were told), and steeped in local Viking Brewery beer.
And we swilled locally made beer from Viking Brewery (the brewery was LITERALLY across the street from where we sat to eat our lunch). I have to divulge that the beer at this festival is part of what makes us come back again and again... five varieties on tap. A $5 souvenir glass. And $1 refills. Yeah -- a buck for beer. No lie.
Now, despite all the merry-making, there is a dark side to this tale.
When we arrived home, I realized that we'd missed the farmer's market. The farmer's market! Our life-line! HORRORS!

OK -- maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. But, I must admit, initially, the situation felt pretty bleak. After all, the farmer's market is a major source of fresh produce for us during this time of the year. And my cooking suffers when I'm lacking inspiration.

But, we're not quitters.
And so we put together a plan...

To be continued.

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  1. I'll back your enthousiasm over bratwurst 100%!
    Can't wait to hear about your plan :)

  2. That has got to be the best brat I've ever seen! Now I'm going to want one all day.

    Aren't the colors getting glorious? I took the camera with me on the drive to work yesterday...luckily left a bit early. I only took 32 pictures.

  3. Lore - Thanks for the support! I promise to reveal the plan over the next few days!)

    Jinx - You're telling me. The colors are fab... I need to get out with the camera myself!


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