Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Ugly Side of Local Eating

OK -- so "ugly" is in the eye of the beholder, right?
I'll let you decide ... after you take a look at dinner.

Yeah, it's a pretty "colorful" dish. Not exactly what I'd call traditionally attractive... though this combination really packs a nutritional wallop. And this dish scored us another local eating victory -- during a week when the outlook was starting to feel a bit bleak.

Remember those two heads of red cabbage? And those sleek leeks? Well, I decided to go for broke and combine them with a bit of spinach pasta. Slow cooking the leeks and shredded cabbage with a couple of tablespoons of paprika and a bit of salt rendered the vegetables meltingly tender and sweet. Likewise, a bit of olive oil and a fair amount of time in the oven gave the roasted butternut squash a nice, caramelized flavor. Paired together with the pasta (and later topped with a dollop of sour cream) it was a treat that far surpassed expectations.

This is one of those dishes that wouldn't win a beauty pageant. The sort of thing that I probably wouldn't serve to company. But, it made a hearty autumn main dish with plenty of delicious leftovers to scare our co-workers the next day at lunch!

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  1. I think it looks great and colorful.

  2. This looks really interesting!

    But the current butternut on my counter is earmarked for a nice creamy soup this afternoon.

    Not to worry, the farm down the road has an entire wagonful for sale!

  3. I think this was the color scheme in my mom's kitchen in the '70s. :p

    But it sounds delicious, and I'd happily eat it up if you served it to me!

  4. Hey, there's nothing wrong with complimentary colors on a plate. More than the colors, though, I just notice that there're a helluva lot of carbs on that plate! :D

  5. Cathy - It's colorful all right! :)

    Jinx - That soup sounds delish. Don't you love the fall?

    Stephanie - Yeah... it's a bit retro looking, come to think of it.

    Heather - Well, it's more cabbage, leeks, and squash than pasta. And the pasta itself is whole grain... (6 g. fiber/serving)... so carbs be damned! :)

  6. I think it's pretty. You have a nice mix of fall colors going on.

  7. Lo — we're on the same page with the nutrition stuff for sure! Thanks for your great comments, I do appreciate it. This "ugly side of local eating" post of yours is beautiful! All your ingredients are perfect for a slow cooked and yummy meal, other than the regular pasta, which I'd switch out for GF quinoa pasta or something.
    In good health,

  8. i love when that happens! ugly food is the new style i say! i had a red cabbage risotto once which was the weirdest and most intriguing dish I've ever had... and it was ugly as hell!

  9. Some of my favorite foods are ugly--I love the colors on this! It does remind me, however, that I am woefully behind on using squash this season. For shame!

    (And thanks for stopping by! I love your writing, too!)

  10. i LOVE this combo
    wonderful dish
    and kinda beautiful
    autumnal palette


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