Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something I read today: So Long Mystery Meat...

I love it.
I read today on SF Gate that UC-Berkley is taking steps to ensure that their students not only EAT better, but also experience new foods. And local foods!

Today, students and faculty on the university meal plan can enjoy, every day, a
regional Indian meal devised by Manhattan star chef Suvir Saran, Vietnamese pho
and noodle salads from recipes developed by Sacramento restaurateur Mai Pham,
and vegetarian dishes conceived by best-selling Bay Area cookbook author Mollie
Katzen. Deborah Madison, the former Greens chef and cookbook author, helps the
food service staff source produce from local farms.

And I couldn't be more excited.
I remember the days of eating at the college cafeteria. And I know the effect it had on my habits and my waistline. I was privileged to have attended an institution that did offer a variety of vegetarian/vegan options, so I found myself inclined toward vegetable options. But, I remember eating my share of french fries.

I would have relished the thought of na'an at lunch... so, I think this idea is beyond stellar.

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  1. My son was lucky enough to get a galley kitchen in his dorm this year. He loves to eat & hates junk/fast food. (Hence, my fod blog!)

    I love that the idea of eating healthy is finally trickling down!!

  2. I went to the University of California, Davis and the food was always local and organic, they have great food service there too!

  3. Yup, I'm pretty jealous now :) I was forced to eat pasta and the like all the time at school, and that wrecks havoc on your freshman 15. I wish had choices like this back in the day :)

  4. That's really cool! And I thought Baylor had good food!

  5. That's really cool! And I thought Baylor had good food!


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