Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cathedral Square Farmer's Market

We've been touring farmer's markets this year... bopping over to this one one week, and another the next. It's been scads of fun. And we like the variety of vendors we get to visit. This past week, we visited the East Town Market at Cathedral Square Park. This market is open on Saturdays from 8am-12pm.

This is a lovely, urban market, just east of the center of downtown Milwaukee. It attracts a pretty diverse crowd -- eager east-siders looking for farm-fresh delights, downtown apartment-dwellers craving their morning coffee, and folks like us who tooled over from the northwest side of town to take a gander at all that's fresh and frivolous.

Before we started our escapade, we couldn't resist grabbing an iced coffee from Stone Creek, a local coffee roaster who has a tent at the market.
Next stop, the artisan bread baked by Wild Flour Bakery. These guys make the best sourdough breads around. My favorite is a whole wheat sourdough with sunflower seeds, rye chops, poppy, sesame, millet, oats, flax, and wheat.People aren't the only critters getting their feast on down here at the market! Check out these very chic urban doggie treats that are up for sale!
Willoway Farm is my new favorite organic vendor. These fine people run a 7 acre farm in Fredonia, WI that uses organic and biodynamic farming methods. They set up their cozy little tent at the market underneath the shade of one of the park's big trees.
This is where we've been buying all that fantastic heirloom radicchio that we've been grilling! She informed us that this would be the last week for the radicchio crop, so we bought up one of the last heads that she had!
We also checked out the fresh crop of green beans for sale at a nearby vendor...
And grabbed a couple of these tasty little eggplants on the way out!
OH! How I love an early Saturday morning filled with shopping at the market... it wreaks of hope and anticipation of a week filled with great cooking!

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  1. I love farmers markets!! we have one in our little town too. it's actually in a large building we call the Market House. There you can buy meats from the butchers, lunch meat , produce, baked goods and alot more! it's really neat cause it's in a building and open all year round. I love your pictures!

  2. Those eggplants are beautiful, thanks for the eye candy.

  3. Farmers markets are the best! I love knowing where my food came from! Those beans look terrific, as does the eggplant, too! And those breads ... yum!

  4. Oh how I wish we had a nice farmers market in Tampa...but we dont!Thanks for your comment on my Fat Jeans video!!!!

  5. This post contains two of my favorite things: iced coffee and bread. I could live off of iced coffee and bread. Seriously, toast is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.


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