Monday, August 18, 2008

Grilled Vegetable Heaven... on a Sandwich

When we get back from the farmer's market at this time of the year, I can't resist making one of my favorite summer treats -- grilled vegetable sandwiches.

First, I take a pile of vegetables and chop them into sandwich-sized pieces. This week, we happened to have some locally grown hydroponic orange peppers, a few baby eggplants from the farmer's market, some yellow summer squash, and a few little sweet onions from our CSA.
After some quality time on the grill, those vibrantly lovely veggies were reduced to a fantastically delicious shadow of their former selves. I'll admit to slurping up a few of the slices of caramelized eggplant before they ever made it CLOSE to the sandwiches.
Before I get too far ahead of myself I'd better tell you that, just before we grilled up those veggies, I mixed up the real key to a good summer veggie sandwich. Garlic basil mayonnaise.
No, I didn't go through the trouble of making my own (though that's NEVER a bad idea). But, in this particular case, even the cheater's approach is nothing short of glorious. A bit of garlic and some chopped basil transforms ordinary jarred mayonnaise into something truly extraordinary. And trust me, you ain't lived until you've taken a whiff of this delicious mess!!
Slather some of that extraordinary mayo on one side of a loaf of asiago pesto foccaccia from the local bakery... and pile the veggies high! Grab a side of grilled corn on the cob, and I'm pretty sure you'll be good and satisfied.

Oh, yum!
This is local eating at its finest! And no recipes necessary.

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  1. Hope you guys didn't forget about me, you know I can eat a WHOLE sandwich, right? :D

  2. That looks so great. I think I might do that this week. got to go post my menu! YUM!

  3. That is heaven on bread! Wow, I love it! Thanks for this food porn.

  4. MMMM I love grilled veggies on a fantastic bread like that. Provolone is also a good match to grilled veg sandwiches with a simple basil pesto. Delish!

  5. Yum! What a delicious-looking sandwich.
    Especially with the grilled corn.

  6. Yum - This needs to be a new staple in the fridge!!

  7. The garlic basil mayo sounds AMAZING! A great way to use basil - besides pesto!

  8. That looks gorgeous! You are killing me here!

  9. I have to say these were PHEE-NOM! Loved, loved them. and sooo easy and fast. I will be making over and over.


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