Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sourdough Series: Waffles with Bacon & Cheddar

Now that I've been blabbering on about the story of my sourdough, you're probably wondering what he's good for.

Well, I have used him to make the occasional loaf of bread. But, good loaves of sourdough bread require quite a bit of patience... and very long rising times (which requires dedication and planning -- two things I tend to be short of lately). So, by and large, I have a tendency to use him for other things.

What other things?
Well, how about some waffles? Better yet, how about waffles chocked full of bacon and cheese?
I'm drooling just thinking about them.

These are really one of the simplest ways to use sourdough.
You just take about a cup of the starter, mix it with eggs, flour, oil, and your typical waffle ingredients.
Then, you fry up a bit of that glorious bacon you have sitting there in the refrigerator.
When the bacon has cooled, you toss a bunch of it, along with some cheese, into the waffle batter. Looking good already, isn't it?
When the waffle batter has rested for a moment or two, you scoop it into your handy-dandy waffle maker.

Then, while you're waiting for the waffles to cook, you dance around the kitchen for a couple of minutes.
What you should see when you open the lid of the waffle maker is a gloriously golden brown waffle, with some toasty cheese oozing out of it. And trust me, it smells just as fantastic as it looks!
Go ahead! Make some of your own!
Sourdough Waffles with Bacon and Cheddar

If you're also wondering how I fared on the GRE, I'm pleased to say that I managed to live through the exam yesterday. My scores are respectable, even after an 11-year hiatus... so I'm feeling pretty good about things.

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  1. Wow, I never thought of a savory waffle like this. What a great idea!

  2. oh my my! I'd be doing the Happy Dance for these waffles!! Great combination!!

  3. I've been dreaming of waffles with cheese and bacon. These look awesome!

  4. Uhhhhhhhhh yep, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna make these, tonight, and I'm gonna pour maple syrup all over them and shove them all in my mouth! Thanks for this recipe!

  5. Bacon makes everything better and those look fabulous!

  6. I've never tried a savoury waffle before. Aren't you clever! :D


  8. Oh dear, with a little maple syrup, these waffles sound amazing! I love sweet and savory together and these really fit that bill. Great recipe!

  9. I have always tried my own. I'm making this tomorrow. I think I'll try to shoot it, but I don't think it will be as pretty as your picture!

  10. Ooh...I echo the maple syrup sentiment!!! Bacon and cheese = goodness. Always. And forever.


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