Sunday, August 3, 2008

Iced Coffee with Lemon Verbena Syrup

Having enjoyed our first cups of coffee hot with breakfast (despite the 80ºF weather), we decided to switch over to iced coffee when we engaged in a bit of afternoon reading.

With all this fuss about using our infusions, the idea arose, why not add a bit of lemon verbena syrup? To see how it tasted?
And how did it taste?
Well, you really must try it for yourself, but I would compare it (in some ways) to a chai latte. Definitely herbal. With a hint of citrus. And a lovely aroma.

I'm pleased to report that the last few chapters of The Hummingbird's Daughter (Urrea) were greatly sweetened by a cup of this fantastic infusion.
Delicioso café!
Lemon Verbena Iced Coffee

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  1. I was just kind of surfing around at randomn today to avoid housework and came across your blog. I LOVE it! Thankyou for sharing so much great information and interesting recipes. I have lemon verbena this year and was wondering this morning about different things I could do with it. I enjoyed your blog so much I'm linking it as a fave!

  2. Sounds amazing, I don't think I would have ever paired those up. Nice one.

  3. this looks delicious- but i may try the syrup for a summery iced tea instead of coffee. i bet it would work beautifully.

    thanks for the recipe.


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