Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things We Love: Cuban Sidecars

Since it's Friday, let's get in the mood with a nice summery drink, eh?

I am quite the fan of the traditional margarita. Nothing says summer to me more than a bit of lime & tequila alongside something salty and spicy. When it comes to the making of margaritas, we're especially fond of Rick Bayless' recipe. Too many of them will put you under the table, for sure. But, if you're careful in your consumption, they're really quite tasty.

But not every dish plays well with tequila (and sometimes we're just in the mood for something a little bit different). And that's when the Cuban sidecar comes into play.
Part margarita, part mojito, these rum-based cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to Mexican, Cuban, or Caribbean food. And they're quite nice as stand-alones (maybe with a few nibblies) to be swilled outside on a hot summer afternoon.

Cuban Sidecars - Burp! Style

As an added bonus, thanks to Kelly over at EatMakeRead, I found recipes for Basil Cocktails over at The Kitchn. We are definitely going to have to try these with some of the fresh basil from our jungle of a garden!

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  1. Talking about friends introduced me to a new take on an old favorite:

    Mix 1 part frozen limeade, 1 part sode water, 1 part Corona beer, and 1 part tequila.

    Delish! But, careful...

  2. Oh yeah, I'm with you here...sounds divine!

  3. Oh, yes. Lime/corona/tequila. Dangerous, but good. :)

  4. Oh my god those look fantastic. I'm making one tonight!


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