Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spicy Shrimps

*Whew* I had a great time on vacation (will write a bit about that soon), but it's always good to be back in my own kitchen. And what do you know? I missed blogging.

Since it's mid-summer, and there's nothing better than a bit of spiciness on a hot, summer day, I thought I'd share another of our standards. It contains one of my absolute favorite things -- shrimp, which you've probably already guessed is relatively difficult to find at the peak of freshness here in Wisconsin (all shrimp in WI is frozen -- and the quality has everything to do with how the shrimp was handled in transport). However, when we can get them, we often find ourselves making this dish.

This chipotle shrimp comes from Rick Bayless' Mexican Kitchen, our favorite decisive guide to all sorts of exciting Mexican fare. This recipe blew us away the first time we tried it -- smokey sauced shrimp, with just the right touch of heat to make things exciting.

How do you get there?
Well, you'll want to start by roasting some onions and garlic on a hot griddle.
You puree the onions & garlic with roasted tomatoes, seasonings and water, and then sear it in a very hot pan.
Drop in some peeled, raw shrimp. Let them cook for a bit, and top the whole mess with a bit of cilantro.
I really can't tell you how fantastic these are. They're perfect by themselves -- as main dish with rice, or even as a starter. They shine when accompanied by a bit of fresh mango salsa. And they work as a great filling for fajitas or enchiladas.

At our house, we've taken to serving this as party/special occasion food -- the perfect dish to bring out for snacking around the picnic table, beers in hand. I think that Mr. Bayless would approve.

Chipotle Shrimp

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  1. You sure hit home on this one! I love shrimp and I don't like anything really spicy, but I do like a little spice. These look delicious!

  2. Those look AMAZING. I am going to make these soon.


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