Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Vegetables of the Season

One of the great joys of summer at our house is the garden. After all, what is better than being able to step out the back door and bring in something fresh and wonderful?

We're on a typical quarter-acre city lot, so we don't have a very big plot. But, we have just enough space for a few tomatoes, some peppers, greens, and herbs. We also live in the northern climes -- so our growing season is fairly short. Which means we make fast and furious work of the gardening.

Aside from a bunch of spinach and some kale, we've not seen much from the garden yet this year. So, you can imagine my excitement when I went outside today and found the first tomatoes of the season. Three, or maybe four, little Mexican Midgets. Aren't they gaaawgeous??!!

There are also some jalapenos and poblanos waiting to be picked. I hope that they're nice and hot.
Oooh... there are a few red scallions large enough to pluck.
And "Holy Mole!" take a look at those peppers (they're actually called "holy mole" if you believe it, and rumor has it they ripen to a deep, chocolate brown -- so they're not quite ready to pick, despite their size). I've not decided, yet, what these peppers are good for. But, as soon as I find out I'll be sure to let you know.
Ah, yes.
Summer is good.

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  1. WOW LOOKS GREAT! I love gardening--wish I was better at it--my parents are great (ex farmers) so I reap what they sew.

  2. I must say I getting a bit jealous of all these blogging gardens...I WANT ONE!

  3. Amanda - Boy, I wish I had some farm parents. My thumb isn't black, but it's not particularly green either! I know just enough to get into trouble.

    Cathy - But, oh! You live in a place where fresh, local produce is widely available (for most of the year). That is a lovely thing inandof itself!

  4. This looks awesome! I would love to have my own garden! Right now I have a few herbs in a pot growing on my balcony, but next year I am doing tomatoes!

  5. I've always dreamed of having my own vegetable garden. I am moving soon, and will be able to plant one next year, I am so excited!


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