Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cleaning out the fridge...(i.e. Lo hates leftovers)

So, while Lo is out gallivanting around the upper regions of our great state, I get left behind to do a task that no one should have to go through alone. I did, however, get into this on my own, so I shan't complain.

Lo is not a fan of leftovers. Not across the board. Just on a day to day basis, not much of a fan. I get it. They usually don't taste as good as the first time. Or it's been in the freezer just a little too long. Whatever the reason, it's just not her thing. As she was getting ready for her trip, she was asking me what we should get at the grocery store so I would have things to keep me from starving. In the same breath, she says how much stuff is in the freezer and we really need to go through it and see what is good and what needs to go or needs to get used up pronto. I then turned to her with a twinkle in my eye and said, "That's what I can do while you are away. I'll sustain myself with things from the fridge."

This is what I have eaten so far:
  • Day one was a little odd meal of Bratwurst and blue cheese potato gratin. The brats were grilled up the night before, and the gratin had been in the freezer. Also had some fresh Dragon Beans from our CSA. If Lo didn't take the camera, I would have taken some pictures. Trust me, it was delicious and satisfying.
  • Day two was pasta night. There was some leftover meat sauce in the freezer, so I thawed that out and made some garlic bread and had that all with a side of sauteed chard from our CSA box.
  • Tonight is day three of cleaning out the fridge, and I have to say I'm not thrilled. There is still lettuce from the CSA, so I am thinking of doing a salad. Maybe I'll toss it with some lemon balsamic vinegar and olive oil and throw some canned tuna in there for a protein. Otherwise, we do have some meatless chicken patties that I could cook up and have with a salad.
Plus, I need to keep it quick and simple since I do have an exam to study for. #4 out of 6 tests. Only 2 more to go and then I get a little summer!

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  1. Glad to hear you are helping out by eating leftovers. Do you remember when you used to call them reruns?
    MN Mom

  2. Sounds like MO will have to call you when he is doing the bachleor thing in Aug while the kids and I are away! You will be able to give him quick tips on using up the "reruns" as well! ;-)
    I was wondering how you were doing by your lonely...but it sounds like you are just fine! Way to go, bro! ~jo

  3. Good luck on the tests!

  4. I thought I'd let all of you know that Peef did just fine on his exam... apparently leftovers/reruns are BRAIN food! :)


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