Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nominate Your Friends to Get Coal for Christmas!

Pin It When you were a kid, what was the threat your parents used to get you to behave?

Was it coal in your stocking?

Coal gets a bad rap around the holidays.  And maybe it's for good reason. It's dirty and black, and not very appetizing in comparison to all those holiday sweets.

But, cleverly enough, the makers of Kingsford Charcoal have turned the classic punishment into a pretty cool promotion for their product.  And, while we don't ordinarily make it a habit to get into the frey of hocking products here at Burp!, we thought this was pretty clever.

In an effort to show how awesome coal really is, they've taken the classic punishment and turned it into a great reward – by giving the nicest person in social media – who happens to hail from Waukesha, Wisconsin – the gift of coal.

Kingsford went through great pains to analyze more than 100 billion tweets to identify the person they're calling "the Nicest Person in Social Media".

Turns out someone who lives not far from Milwaukee -- IT professional, and wine blogger Clifford Brown -- was the lucky guy. Santa made a stop at Clifford’s house early this year to present him with a year’s supply of Kingsford charcoal, a grill and grilling tools.  Check it out:

How did they determine just how nice Clifford was?
Well, engineers from Sysomos (a social media analytics company) wrote a unique script to analyze who tweeted “please,” “thank you,” and “thanks” the most often during the past year. Clifford’s “nice score” was off the charts for 2012: he tweeted using the words “please,” “thanks” and “thank you” for a total of 1,574 times this year! He’s also an avid griller – he tweeted 93 times this year about grilling (using the words “grilling,” “grilled” or “grill”).

Do you know someone who's as nice as Clifford?  Or even nicer?
Coal for those on the nice list doesn’t stop with Clifford this holiday season, as Kingsford and Sysomos are asking America who they think are the nicest people in social media.

All you have to do is Tweet @Kingsford with #benicegetcoal to put you or another do-gooder (don’t forget their twitter handle!) on Santa’s nice list between now and December 31, 2012. You or your nominee could win a year’s supply of Kingsford® charcoal and a kettle grill.

Tweets must be posted between today and December 31, 2012. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to U.S. residents 18+. Void where prohibited. Odds of winning depend on number of Tweets submitted. You can read the rest of the rules here. Winners will be notified through a direct message on twitter.


OH!  And that's not all.  Winter grilling fans should be sure to stay tuned to eatatburp.com ... Our site will be undergoing a pretty awesome redesign for 2013, and we'll be partnering with Kingsford Charcoal to celebrate... *wink*

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  1. My eyes got as big as dinner plates when I first saw that picture and thought it was a truffle...

    Coal is nice, too.



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