Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rugelach Cookies

Pin It Everyone has a Christmas cookie that brings back great holiday memories.  For me, rugelach is the one.  

My mom has been making these cookies for as long as I can remember. I recall the entire process as she made the dough, refrigerated it, rolled it out, and then filled each triangle with sugar, cinnamon and nuts.  

Sometimes it was my job to chop the nuts with a funny little 1970's vintage nut chopper contraption.  But, it was almost ALWAYS my job to roll the finished cookies in powdered sugar.

It was also one of my dad's favorite cookies.  I know this because I have extremely fond memories my father sneaking into the pantry and coming out with containers of rugelach cookies and fruitcake, and letting us kids eat them for breakfast.

I'm pretty sure mom knew what we were up to, but she never said anything -- even when she came into the kitchen to find us covered in powdered sugar.

In addition to breakfast, these sweet treats make a great addition to any holiday cookie tray. The lovely crescent shaped cookies feature flaky pastry stuffed with cinnamon, sugar and nuts, and covered in powdered sugar. Cream cheese makes the dough particularly tender. And real butter means the delicate cookies practically melt in your mouth.

Be careful!  They're addictive.
Rugelach Cookies

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