Sunday, June 15, 2014

Perfect Summer Cupcakes: Strawberry with Basil Buttercream

I'll be honest, I'm a tough sell when it comes to cupcakes. They're cute as can be, but they almost never compare -- in my mind -- to a nice, moist slice of cake.

But, cupcakes do offer the advantage of being a nice way to provide single servings of dessert for backyard barbeques and gatherings, without the hassle of cutting and serving. So, I'm aways on the lookout for ways to work them into my repertoire.

Lately, I've been obsessed with the idea of pairing up summer herbs with fruit. They have such an affinity for one another, and I'm often amazed that more recipes don't utilize the wonderful grassy, earthy qualities of herbs to enhance their baked goods.

So, I started off by playing around with cupcakes.

These beauties were the result of an experiment combining strawberries and basil. And -- dare I say -- I may have found a cupcake that I'll make time and time again.

The buttery vanilla and fresh strawberry batter is moist and fruity. It doesn't rise sky-high due to the moisture content of the fruit, but I also didn't have the typical issue of the cupcakes sinking in the middle as some fruit-filled cakes tend to do.

Even better, the rich, fluffy basil buttercream frosting provides a perfect light, sweet summery flavor. It's easy to work with for piping and spreading. And I really love the look of the gorgeous green flecks of basil.

Despite my cupcake nay-saying, I might be in love.

Get the recipe: Strawberry Cupcakes with Basil Buttercream



  1. It is really interesting, I hope everybody lick this Post.

  2. Nice post, fully informative thanks for sharing

  3. You're making me regret the rather pedestrian strawberry lemon cake I made for Father's Day. It seems so pedestrian now.


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