Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Puckery Raspberry Coconut Bars

Alright, so we've kept you in waiting for a bit too long. What has it been? Two? Three weeks since our last recipe was published?

Yikes. No wonder you're getting so antsy!

Fortunately, we've got a good one for you. It's a recipe we've loved for years, but that we've never shared -- one of those recipes that straddles spring and summer with ease, and is appropriate for finishing off just about any meal we can think of.

This foolproof recipe not only comes together quickly, but it seems to appeal to just about everyone with its buttery shortbread crust, gooey inside, and crisp sugar-glazed top.

A little bit puckery, and a whole lot sweet, these sticky delights taste a bit like a stack of coconut macaroons collided with a pint of raspberries.

Puckery Raspberry Coconut Bars

There are more great recipes where this one came from! We created this dish as part of our work with the Go Bold with Butter blog, where you'll find an amazing collection of delicious recipes using real butter.


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  1. You made it worth the wait! These look delicious. I'm thinking these might be fun to sell the next time my theater group has a fund raising event.


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