Thursday, February 27, 2014

Luscious Lobster Risotto

Got a birthday coming up? An anniversary? A new job?

Or maybe you just want an excuse to eat something amazing? Don't worry, we won't judge. We're big fans of celebrating the little moments in life -- like a beautifully sunny day or a random weeknight evening when there's nothing to do but cook something delicious.

And on days like that, there's nothing more perfect than this deliciously creamy lobster risotto.

If you love seafood, this is a meal you won't want to pass up. And if you love a good risotto, that's an even better reason to copy down this recipe to make at the next available opportunity.

The dish takes on a nutty character from slightly browned butter, and a creamy character from being finished with Mascarpone cheese. A bit of lemon zest cuts the richness and brightens the entire dish.

Intimidated by working with lobster? You needn't be.

This luxurious dish is remarkably easy (and affordable) to make with frozen lobster tails, which are available at a variety of better meat counters. You won't have to tangle with a live lobster, or deal with digging meat out of obstreperous claws. You simply thaw, steam them and then slice them open with a knife or kitchen shears to remove the delicate sweet meat.

Hint: rather than opting for one large tail, choose smaller tails, since their flesh is more delicate and their lobster flavor often sweeter.

Luscious Lobster Risotto

There are more great recipes where this one came from! We created this dish as part of our work with the Go Bold with Butter blog, where you'll find an amazing collection of delicious recipes using real butter.


  1. By merely looking at this it makes me hungry. I have now a dish for lunch. Thanks!
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  2. Yum world...I may just go out and buy a lobster now.

  3. What excellent timing. I have an anniversary coming up - 10 years in the US tomorrow. Can you make me this and bring it over, please? (oh and don't forget a nicely chilled bottle of macon-villages too, thanking you.)

    God, that looks good!


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