Saturday, September 7, 2013

Crockpot Korean Beef: For tacos, banh mi or rice bowls

Here in the West, Korean cuisine is known mostly for its beef dishes like bulgogi or galbi. Now, that's probably short-changing the breadth of Korean fare, since there are plenty of Korean dishes that make brilliant use of vegetables. At the same time, it seems Korean cooks know how to make the most of even the most affordable cuts of meat.

This recipe was inspired by the notion that you can always do more with less, especially when a delicious marinade is involved.

If you’ve never experienced the sweet-salty, gingery flavor of slow cooked Korean beef, this is your lucky day. This easy crockpot version is the perfect solution for easy weeknight dinners or leisurely weekend fare. The marinade uses ingredients that you probably already have on hand, 

Pair this flavorful shredded beef with kimchi or slaw for Korean tacos. Make homemade banh mi sandwiches. Or, for a quick weeknight dinner, serve it over rice with sauteed spinach, shredded carrots, scallions, and sliced cucumbers for a Korean beef rice bowl.


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  1. Very nice dish, And it was something different , I'll definitely try this one.Thanks for sharing with us.


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