Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shallot Mustard Sauce: Another Versatile Endeavor

Tired of making the same old grilled chicken breasts or pork chops for dinner?  

Yeah, we were too. We got tired of having to think ahead and marinate our proteins. We'd used up most of our inspiration regarding dry rubs.  We'd tried grilling, roasting, braising, and pan-frying.  And still, it seemed that dinner was growing a bit dull and uninspired.  

So, we decided to learn something new... which is how we got caught up in the effort of creating a few quick, easy master sauces.  

First, we became enamoured of the oh-so-tasty classic brandy peppercorn sauce... and now, I must confess,  we've gotten addicted to this beauty. 

One of the great things about sauces is that they're generally quick to throw together, and they don't require much fore-thought if you have a decent collection of staple items in your fridge. Our suggestions for a starter collection would be butter, cream, white wine, garlic, shallots and citrus juice. Even bottled lemon or lime juice generally works in a pinch.

Oh, yeah - and don't forget about the mustard.

In this case, the flavor of plain old Dijon mustard is enhanced by the richness of butter and the sweetness of shallots in this high end sauce that... well, we thinking it has the potential to take just about any dish from the realm of good into the territory of really great.

It will dress up an otherwise plain chicken breast. And it's pretty fabulous on roasted salmon. And pork medallions... and, well, you get the idea.  If you like the flavors that mustard brings to the table, I'm pretty sure this recipe is a fail-safe.

Looking for something different? Use it as a dipping sauce for homemade chicken tenders or as a topping for steamed broccoli or green beans.



  1. I love your sauces. I know they're fattening but good grief they make everything taste better by adding different layers of flavor.

  2. That's totally true, Maureen. Fortunately, a little sauce generally goes a long way, so you can pack a lot of flavor into fewer calories :)


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