Thursday, December 30, 2010

Retrospectacle: Random Things From Burp! 2010

Seems that, around this time of the year, people get obsessed with lists. Even those not usually prone to organization start creating them.

There are best lists ... and worst lists... to do lists... and lists of new year's resolutions.
There are awesome lists... mediocre lists... and some pretty bad lists...
And then there are the lists written by our friend Sonja, which are bound to make you laugh. Or at least smirk a little bit. 

The truth is, we were feeling the pressure to make up a little list of our own to bid farewell to the year 2010.  And so, here it is.  It's wacky. And random.  But, it pretty much sums things up.

Random Things From Burp! 2010

Most popular post in our 2010 Summer Herb SeriesDill (written by Amy from Very Culinary)
Most interesting burger of the year:  Teriyaki Chicken Burgers with Macadamia Nut Butter
Best New Ice Cream Recipe:  Malted Milk Ice Cream
Most Popular Post From our Summer Canning Adventures:  Candied Jalapeno Peppers
Recipe Most Likely to Make Us Fat: Pork Belly with Cracklings

And now... here's to a Very Happy 2011!

As we raise our glasses of champagne to ring in the New Year -- bellies full, and hearts overflowing with the emotion of starting anew -- we want you to know that we'll be thinking of you!  

Our year has been made more complete thanks to each one of you... your smiles, your well wishes, your laughter, your comments, and your emails made each and every day of 2010 truly special.  And, as we wrap up our year, we shall look forward with anticipation to 2011 -- and another great year of inspiration, celebration, and great eating.

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  1. Great list! Here's to a wonderful 2011.

  2. Happy New Years to you two as well!

  3. You guys always crack me up. I love this unconventional list! You guys had a great 2010 and I always love seeing what new thing you guys have come up with. Here's to a great 2011!

  4. Sonja's list was great. And here I just came by to see you. It's like a 2-for-1 deal. Score.

    Ah, Lo. How do I love you and Burp!...let me count the ways. I remember all of these (and I actually made the list. I feel so special.)

    Adore you to pieces. I'll toast you and Peef any day. But New Year's works.

  5. Random is great and oftentimes the best thing ever! Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011.

  6. Happy New Year to you both! Looking forward to another great year of good eats!

  7. This is a great list (and I like to think I have a little authority on making unconventional lists)!! I'd love to try making that pork belly sometime. Happy New Year to you both and thanks for the mention of my quirky lists post! Looking forward to some MKE foodie adventures in 2011.

  8. Happy new year and I look forward to the coming greats of 2011!

  9. You were right, Sonja's list was funny and inspiring!

    Not sure about that chocolate, bacon panini thing...


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