Friday, July 9, 2010

Using and Preserving Summer Herbs: Dill

And here to tell you about one of her favorite herbs is our dear friend, Amy, of Very Culinary...  

*wild applause*

Ah, Dill…
Isn’t it pretty?

Unlike my hair, which is curly and unruly (and will never know the feeling of a comb running through it), Dill is…wispy. Slender. Delicate. Of course, I’m sure that Dill is jealous of Parsley’s fullness, and Rosemary’s strength, but the grass is always greener.

Back to my Dill love…

When we lived in Minnesota, I had a pretty respectable garden. Tomatoes and peppers took up a lot of space, but I made certain that two planter boxes were dedicated to fresh herbs. Some would lose out from year to year – I never seemed to use enough of the Sage or Marjoram – but Dill was never on the chopping block. Oh no. Dill is a staple in my house.

It has a simple, crisp, and refreshing flavor. I prefer fresh leaves, rather than dried, to get the most flavor. Apparently Dill has medicinal properties, too. I learned that the seeds contain an oil, which helps relax the muscles in our digestive tract. Teas are made with dill seed to relieve indigestion and nausea. And rumor has it, that it’s even good at curing hiccups. Hm. I don’t know. All I know is that it tastes good.

I like it best paired with salmon, yogurt, and potatoes. Like in these recipes…which are also staples in my house:

Since relocating, and currently “borrowing” (as my 4YO says) the house we’re in now, I temporarily don’t have a garden anymore. No more tomatoes or peppers, no more onions, no more strawberries. Whimper, whimper. BUT, there’s no excuse not to grow fresh herbs. All those fellas need is a decent pot with good soil. Done.

So, who is this Amy person, anyhow?  And how did her recipes get over here on the Burp! blog?
Well... Amy is awesome. She's a mom (with cute kids). And a food blogger (what did you expect?). And she's amazing and funny.  She makes a seriously hilarious video. And her BBQ Deviled Eggs are to die-for.  So, we asked her to write something about her favorite herb -- which just happens to be dill.

Honestly, you'll love her. Just check out her blog at Very Culinary. I promise you won't be sorry!

This guest post is part of our Summer 2010 Herb Series: Using and Preserving Herbs. Stay tuned every Friday for more hints, tips, and tricks on how to use summer's bounty!

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  1. I was so excited to see Amy here! She is one of my favorite bloggers! Really everyone should go check out her site. Immediately.

    You know. My brother had an interminable case of the hiccups the other day. And if only I had known about the curative properties of dill, I could have gotten him to chew some. Instead, I had to listen to him for two hours. Oh well. Next time!

  2. I admit I haven't used much dill in the past, but have started incorporating it into more recipes. Maybe I'll get dilly in the coming week.

    Dealing with leftover herbs can be quite a task. I just wrote a blog about how to deal with cilantro, which is a nasty herb to have around if you don't use it all at once.

  3. Our dill is dead. We had it in a container and it got overwatered in recent rain bouts. We were hoping it would dry out, but it never did. We miss you, dill.

  4. I planted dill in my herb garden about 5 years ago. I've never had to replant it again. Every year I have numerous "volunteers" pop up.

  5. Hey Amy, I love dill too, and it's not like my hair either (smile)! This sounds delicious...

  6. Oh I love dill too! In fact it is the only herb I grew this season! And you all were so right about mom and her blog, I do love it!

  7. I grow so many herbs, and they tend to go to waste. I dry them, but then forget to store them:(. Thanks for reminding me about the great uses of dill. It was one of my families favorites growing up and is so easy to grow.

  8. Mmmm love dill. I also like using for pickling. Trying a windowsill planter in ny NYC apartment for herbs this year. Didn't plant dill this year but if it works out I may do it next year.

  9. I love seeing Amy out and about! And can her medicinal take on dill be more appropriate than on 'Burp?' I accidentally weeded my dill on Saturday. I thought my weed pile smelled awfully good. I have been making a lot of salmon cakes lately, but none with dill sauce. Love this idea.

  10. Love your Blog! How can I make sure I don't miss an entry??? I am a confirmed foodie!

  11. Kim, I had the same thought...Amy's writing about hiccups on BURP! I want a salmon burger. Immediately.

  12. Karen - We're flattered -- and we'd love to have you as a regular reader. You can subscribe by email by clicking the little orange RSS feed button in the top right corner of the blog. Email us if you need help!

  13. I can certainly attest to the awesomeness of Amy. Great to see her contributing here at your place. And dill is wonderful! I only recently discovered it myself, but I am so glad I did.

  14. Thanks Amy for the intro to a new Blog. I'll peek around some. GREG

  15. My babygirl isn't growing dill in her garden this year but next year we'll have to put in some.


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