Friday, July 23, 2010

When it Rains, We Eat Ice Cream

This isn't actually the next blog entry.

Well, it is... but it's just by way of a stopgap until I actually get an hour's downtime to write the next entry -- the one that actually talks about herbs.

Milwaukee got SMACKED with almost 7 inches of rain yesterday, and the damage was pretty impressive. There was flooding. And sinkholes large enough to swallow up Cadillac Escalades. And sewer back-ups. And now our basement looks a little bit like a filthy swimming pool.
It's gross, and nasty. And it means I haven't had time to cook -- let alone write about cooking. Heck, we don't even have hot water to take a shower right now.

And so, my dear friends, in lieu of a new post I'm going to leave you with something cool. And minty. And refreshing.
It's a nice bowl of chocolate mint ice cream.  We made it last summer -- but I can assure you it's still pretty delicious.

I Scream for More: Fresh Mint Ice Cream

We hope it tides you over until we can get back into the kitchen.
Stay safe... and stay dry!

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is awful! My heart goes out to you (as well as my sump pump). But, I can see you still have your witty sense of humor, so that's a good sign. And the fact that you're eating ice cream. That's the way to deal with icky situations. Humor and ice cream! Good for you.

    Hang in there (from the rafters). Sending dry energy your way!

  2. I remember dating a guy whose favorite flavor was mint chocolate chip. When we were in college and apart from each other, I would eat it to think of him. Then we broke up, and he was such a jerk I cuoldn't stand the stuff for years. Fortunately, I'm over it now, so I can eat ice cream like this happily.

  3. I am sorry to hear about the mess in your basement, but ice cream does make everything better! You guys need some, post haste!

  4. That's not so good. Hope there is not too much damage.

  5. You are a tease :P But I'm glad to hear you guys are okay!

  6. Ack. I do miss the thunderstorms that only the Midwest can produce, but I'll pass on the aftermath!

  7. Funny -- I actually had the original posting of this recipe open on my computer before you posted this :) I was given a bunch of mint by a coworker, and a girl can only drink so many mojitos (never thought I'd say that). We're on the same wavelength, Lo.

    Sorry to see/hear about your water damage. No fun! Hope you can get things in order quickly.

  8. Oh no! I grew up with a basement that ended up like that a couple times a year, no fun at all

  9. Oh no! I've been reading about all the rain just north of us -- I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm sending good vibes for a dry basement, hot water, and a healthy dose of kitchen time soon. Am thinking of you!

  10. Oh man, I remember when our basement looked like that last year. So sorry! I remember the only good that seemed to come from it was a VERY clean basement.definitely ice cream in the kitchen is an antidote!

  11. Stinks about your basement, no doubt you needed some sugary sweets to deal with that.


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