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We are available for all types of freelance food related work, including food writing and recipe development: We constantly strive to develop on-trend, dependable eye-catching recipes.  
Please, serious inquiries only.  See some of our past work.

Are you a small business owner, advertiser, manufacturer or PR person representing a business or product?
Welcome to Burp!  Drop us a line if you like, and introduce us to what it is that you do.  We're discriminating folks, but we'd love to share our opinions with both you and our readers — as long as you don’t mind that we're always honest when presenting our feelings about a given event or product.  We particularly love health-giving foods and organic or sustainable products that will support our local economy!

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We’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to send us your feedback, criticism, and suggestions for things you would like to see more of on Burp!

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