Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wonton Crisps Four Ways

Pin It We love easy party recipes.  So, we've developed a little bit of a love affair with the wonton wrapper.

You see, it's not that we hate making things completely from scratch. But, wonton wrappers, which typically contain only three ingredients -- flour, water, and sometimes eggs -- are a pretty awesome time saver when you're looking to create an impressive appetizer spread and you're a bit short on time.

For instance, these crispy wonton appetizer cups are one of the easiest ways we know to put an elegant appetizer on the table in just minutes.

And, if you love being creative, wonton crisps are going to be your new favorite party project.

All you really have to do is slice a few wonton wrappers on the diagonal, brush them with a bit of butter, sprinkle with seasoning, and bake them for about 10 minutes.

A bit like a chip, but sturdy like a cracker, wonton crisps satisfy the craving for “junk” food snacks, but are healthier than most store-bought items.

We played around with four different flavor combinations this time around:

  • Cheesy crisps are a nice standard.  The cheese crisps up nicely, and gives the chips a pleasantly salty bite.
  • Cinnamon crisps really appealed to Peef's sweet tooth. And they reminded Lo a lot of the pie crust scraps her mom used to bake up for her when she would make pies.
  • The smoky paprika crisps were oddly reminiscent of Doritos -- though probably the health food store version, since they were a lot less salty.
  • The sesame crisps were some of the prettiest of the bunch, and they tasted pleasantly nutty.  We also thought they'd go really nicely as part of an appetizer platter with hummus or baba ghanoush.

So, yeah. Wonton crisps make seriously good party food.

But, they also make great after school snacks for kids (or quite frankly, adults).  They're crisp and satisfying, but, unlike other junk food options, they're not particularly calorie laden, and they shouldn't ruin your appetite for dinner.

Looking for clever serving ideas? The cinnamon crisps are delicious served alongside a small bowl of applesauce for dipping, while savory (or plain, buttered) crisps are right at home alongside healthy dips like homemade hummus, salsa, or almond butter.

Wonton Crisps - Four Ways

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