Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet and Spicy Butter Roasted Chickpeas

Pin It Ah, the summer road trip!

What's better than hopping in the car with a friend or two and heading off into the wild abyss? Going somewhere, anywhere, nowhere... with the radio blaring and the wind whipping through your hair.

Weekend road trips have become our savior in the past couple of years. We haven't had a lot of money for a "real" vacation. So, packing up for a day or three and heading out to find our own adventures has been the new normal. Interestingly enough, no matter how often we do it, I always find my brain hearkening back to the days of our youth -- back in college -- when road-tripping was the ultimate act of freedom.

When we're on the road, we often find ourselves falling back on crunchy treats like pretzels and crackers to stave off hunger and ensure that we won’t break down and head straight for the greasy goodness of the fast food drive-through window (which, honestly, doesn't have all that much allure -- but sometimes it's the only thing you can find for miles when you're out in the middle of nowhere).

But, even those seemingly healthy snacks aren’t always the best. They’re full of carbs and provide very little protein – which means they don’t have much staying power.

So, what is a hungry traveler to do?  Roast up some chickpeas, of course. 
If you haven’t yet tried roasted chickpeas, you’re in for a treat. These ultra-crunchy nibbles are healthy, easy, and addictive... maybe a little bit TOO addictive.

This particular combination of five-spice powder and honey gives them a flavor that comes out a bit like a cross between honey-roasted beer nuts and honey nut Cheerios. Best of all, they make awesome road trip food. They taste great, travel well, and provide a serious hit of protein precisely when you need it most.

Sweet and Spicy Butter Roasted Chickpeas

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  1. Maybe this is a dumb question - but what exactly is five-spice powder, and where can I get it or how can I make it?

    Can't wait to try this out!

  2. Tony - Totally not a dumb question. Five-spice is an Asian spice blend. Spices used are usually ground star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fennel. But, there are variations. Both Penzey's and Spice House carry it, if you want to buy it locally and pre-made (and we do like their blends).

  3. I would love to try roasted chickpeas, this is good for our planned road trip using one of our classic chevy cars this weekend!


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