Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter #SundaySupper: No Fuss Spiral Sliced Ham with Pineapple Rum Chutney

Pin It  Ham may be classic Easter fare, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This recipe is an inventive twist on the classic ham with pineapple that your guests will adore. And you’ll love the ease with which it comes together.

Spiral sliced ham is a boon for anyone throwing a large Easter gathering. Not only is every slice the same thickness but, if cooked properly, the ham will be tender and juicy and require nothing more than a horizontal cut to the bone before serving. The trouble with spiral sliced hams is that, because they’re already precooked, it’s easy to dry them out while reheating. This recipe makes use of the slow cooker, which ensures a moist, tender ham while freeing up your oven for all those delicious Easter side dishes.

Even better, you’ll impress your guests when you serve up slices of moist, hot ham topped off with a delicious sweet & sour pineapple chutney. In the chutney, which can be made 2 days ahead, lime juice stands in for the usual vinegar, imparting a fruity tang that’s complimented by the subtle flavors of rum and allspice and the savory herbal notes of thyme. 
This recipe is based on the use of a spiral sliced half ham. Be sure to buy a ham that fits in your slow cooker. An oblong 6 ½ quart model is ideal for an average sized half ham.

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  1. YUM! We're not having Easter ham today...Easter steak instead! But, I have a ham in the freezer that you've inspired me to take out!!

  2. To be honest, I don't like ham. However, I love the idea of pineapple chutney! Growing up, we just had pineapple rings. Next time I get stuck making ham for my parents (lol), I will make your chutney.

  3. Its a great way to celebrate the Easter Holiday!

  4. THANK YOU! I made this for my Easter party and everyone RAVED! They loved it (b/c is was so good :) ). You are my hero.


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