Tuesday, February 14, 2012

True Love: Valentine's Day For Food Lovers

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We've never been ones to celebrate Valentine's Day.  It's not like we're the revolutionay sorts who wear all black, don dramatic expressions and stomp around in staunch resistance of pointless Hallmark holidays and wasteful commercialism (though we must admit that occasionally crosses our minds).

But, we're also not the type of couple who makes it a point to buy one another cheesy cards, pricey flowers or spendy gifts.  We also know better than to make Valentine's Day reservations at any area restaurants (yikes! the crowds!)

The fact is, Valentine's Day has kind of a dark, bloody, confusing history.  It's not exactly composed of the sort of stuff we'd normally celebrate.

But, all of that said, we're not party poopers! The fact is, Valentine's Day is a great excuse for food lovers like us to indulge in some of our favorite foods:
  1. Creamy sauces
  2. Expensive seafood
  3. Amazing cheese (like Rush Creek Reserve)
  4. Really great bottles of wine
  5. Or champagne
  6. Indulgences like truffles, foie gras, or caviar
  7. Chocolate
  8. More chocolate...
This year, the plan is to sear up some deliciously fresh scallops and spend a bit of time sipping wine while the saffron carrot risotto finishes on the stovetop. It won't be uber-extravagent, but it will be a nice diversion from our usual weeknight fare.

I'll admit it. I used to boycott Valentine's Day.  But, apparently age makes you soft. In recent years I've even started sending the occasional valentine.  It's fun to be nice, cheer people up, and spread a little bit of joy.   And admittedly ... it never hurts to be reminded that we love and are loved.

So, what the heck ... Happy Valentine's Day!
Celebrate with something delicious.

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  1. Aw. Have fun guys and have a great Valentine's Day no matter how you do or don't celebrate it.

    I have tried making a romantic V-day dinner in the past. Then I realized that making dinner means also having a not-so-romantic cleanup.

    My compromise is to go someplace that's not stereotypically romantic. Fancy restaurants (and even some not-so-fancy popular spots) are indeed crowded. They also serve mass-produced fixed price menus that are never as good as the regular menus and then you get shuffled out of there quickly. Instead we go to more low-key places, ethnic places, places people might not really associate with V-day. One of my favorite dinners was at Granny's Pancake House where we came straight from the barn - our clothes were changed, but we still smelled like horses. Tonight we're doing our favorite Turkish place. We'll exchange cards and eat too much and consider it a perfect celebration.

  2. Sounds awesome to us, actually! Have a wonderful night, and eat some delicious Turkish cuisine for me :)

    And hey - does this mean you can post comments again? Hurrah! It's a Valentine's Day miracle :)

  3. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day at all. It's not a holiday if you still have to work, imho! But, I'm no scrooge either. I'm happy for the women who get flowers and candy and beam with delight. Paul watched 3Y0 Trevor all morning, so I could get some work done...that was the best present I could have asked for. And we had shrimp pizza for dinner. I think that screams I love you, no?

  4. Oooh! how fun! I made a cake, shared a big slice with my husband, and had wine.

  5. I think your dinner sounds a little bit extravagant--yum! I haven't tried Rush Creek Reserve yet, but I'm excited to.

  6. This is perfect! "It's fun to be nice, cheer people up, and spread a little bit of joy. And admittedly ... it never hurts to be reminded that we love and are loved." So true!


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