Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bits on Blogging and the Food I Wish I Was Making

I'm impressed with all of you who blog up a storm during this time of the year -- sharing delicious treats and logging all of your holiday baking and meal planning.  It's amazing, really.

Because while you're taking the time to share all the wonderful things you've got cooking (along with adorable anecdotes about your children, crafty ideas for holiday decorating, and plans for the new year), I'm experiencing a moment of not really feeling as if I have anything quality to convey.

Some of it has to do with other obligations, including my new freelancing gig at OnMilwaukee, which I really enjoy.  But, some of it has to do with not wanting to pump out content just for the sake of pumping out content.  When you come over to Burp!  I really want to give you something of value -- something unique and interesting. Original recipes.  Original content.  All the things you've come to expect from us over the past five years.  And right now, that's gotten to be a little bit tough.  

I’ve also been struggling a lot lately with identifying my own voice as a writer. The fact is, now that I've taken some definitive steps to make something more of my writing and cooking (more, that is, than the purely self-indulgent activity that is food blogging), I find myself increasingly constrained. Blogging isn't so fun when there's all that pressure.  And I'm certainly not nearly as amusing.  And yeah, I really need to get over that. Because I really love what I do here on Burp!  And I want to keep sharing it with you guys.  For a very long time.

So, with all that off my chest, let's shift gears and talk a little bit about all the food I wish I was making -- and the food I plan to blog about in the  new year.   Like the homemade sausages we're going to make with the back-fat in our freezer.  And the homemade doughnuts we've been meaning to tackle.  And that recipe for Thai style waffle sundaes that we've been keeping from you for a very long time.  And I'll bet there is plenty of new territory just waiting to be explored in our kitchen.  We just need a little time (and patience) to get there.

Of course, while we're fallow, maybe you'd like to take a look at my "Eat Me" board on Pinterest...?  It's kind of become my wishlist of sorts... All the food I'm NOT currently making -- but hope to tackle in some form, some day.  Pretty delicious stuff, and the pictures are pretty good too.

"Eat Me" Board on Pinterest
You could also do us the favor of leaving a comment (either here or on Facebook or Twitter), and telling us what you'd really like to see more of over here at Burp! during the new year.  We promise to take your suggestions to heart and use them to shape the content for 2012.

And, in the meantime, I'll be working on getting re-energized and inspired to come back here and give you what you really came for.


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  1. I'll be the first to respond, and I'd just like to say I'd like to see more Cowbell. Really. I would.

    What I like most about you guys is that you are truly passionate about food and about what you like. I hope I only find posts here that are about something you concocted that was just so amazing that you had to jump on the computer and share it... while ringing the cowbell to signal all of us that it's there and it needs to be made now. Like the bat-signal.

    When I first saw your blog, I made multiple granolas, beet risotto, ice creams, Schaum Torte, and all of it was AMAZING, stuff I've been inspired by and continue to make. Keep up only posting the good stuff... we'll all wait for it!

  2. For almost 2 years I refused to post anything that wasn't blow-my-mind-5-star-amazing, but you know...I cook plenty of stuff that doesn't make my toes curl, per se, but that I really enjoy and eat a lot. So I decided to post more often of what I'm creating in the kitchen, and let me readers be the judge of what they think is fantastic. We all have different taste buds, you know. So I say not everything has to be unique and interesting. Finding your mojo is another story. I've definitely struggled with that.

  3. As someone newer to food blogging and trying to do it more regularly and grow a fan base, I like reading about anything that you guys are doing. Whether you are making something original, trying to make something you had at a local restaurant or sharing foodie insights, I find it all helpful to me as an up and coming foodie :)

  4. There shouldn't be any pressure with blogging, right? It's a personal site, and you post as you wish. The upcoming doughnuts and Thai waffle sundaes sound delightful and whatever else you're excited about at a time when you're ready to post it!


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