Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrate with Us: White Chocolate Ice Cream with Brandied Cherries

When we were nominated for the Shepherd Express Best of the Milwaukee Web Awards, I was somewhat shocked, and completely flattered.  So, when we attended the awards ceremony on Tuesday evening and found out that we'd won in TWO categories (best food blog, favorite twitterer),  I was absolutely taken aback.

Milwaukee might be a relatively small place, but it's a positive hot bed for technology & social media.  So, it was truly humbling to be in the company of so many creative, media-minded individuals.  We've always aspired to making the Burp! blog a creative, friendly place -- not only where we share what WE do, but also where our readers come to chat about their latest creations.  And we're so glad that so many of you believe in what we're doing.

So, here's a big thanks to friends & bloggers who voted for us.  We're so incredibly honored. And we're tickled that you took the time to think of us!  We'd also like to give a HUGE shout-out to the runners up in both award categories.  Please stop over to their blogs and give them a hearty congratulations!

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Best Food Blog Award Runners Up:
Iron Cupcake /
Vegan Milwaukee /

Favorite Twitterer Runners Up:
@SJWhipp  (blogging at
@radiomilwaukee  (

And check out all the award winners at

In celebration of our awards, we'd like to share another sweet treat with you.  Yes, we've been busy at the ice cream machine again.  And this time, it's serious.

Those of you who've been around for a while might recall that every year for Christmas we make chocolate covered brandy cordial cherries to give away as gifts.

Now, by mid-March, the confections themselves are usually long gone.  But, sometimes we still have a few extra brandied cherries lying around.  These cherries are the rejects -- the poor, stemless cherries that were tossed aside in favor of their more sturdily stemmed kin.  These cherries remain, swimming in brandy and staring longingly out of their clear glass jarred windows, until one of us rescues them for an impromptu cooking project.

One of the projects I've been meaning to get around to is coming up with a recipe for a decadent brandied chocolate cherry cake.  But, this batch of cherries ended up in a batch of celebratory white chocolate ice cream.
The rich creamy white chocolate ice cream makes a perfect sweet backdrop for the the slightly sweet, and definitively alcoholic, cherries.  The nice thing about brandied cherries is that, unlike their virgin brothers & sisters, they maintain a firm texture but don't freeze solid even when surrounded by frigid ice cream.

And... much like anything that's been steeping in alcohol for a time, they're pretty delicious.  This ice cream is the perfect addition to your Easter dessert tray or an accompaniment to that batch of brownies you've been wanting to make.
White Chocolate Ice Cream with Brandied Cherries

And here's to another year of blogging and tweeting!

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  1. Well deserved award(s)! It's creations like this delicious looking ice cream, your wonderful writing and your excellent mid-western hospitality that make BURP! an award winning blog.

    Keep up the good work! Not only do people in Wisconsin love you, but folks out here in Colorado do as well.


  2. Big congrats on your wins! Pass the spoons around, so we can all dig in.

  3. Mega congrats to you guys! You totally deserve it!

    And you obviously know how to celebrate...that ice cream is a dream.

  4. Woot! How completely sweet is that? The award and the ice cream. You guys rock it, so I can't say I'm surprised, but nonetheless, totally and completely 100% deserved. People should be honored to share their space with you...just sayin.

    Now, onto these chocolate covered brandy cordial cherries as Christmas package must have gotten lost in the mail, but there's always this year ;-)

  5. hey that is awesome! congrats guys!

  6. Congratulations! A well deserved award! Your recipes are fantastic and we always love to partake in your creations! It is hard for my wife and I to share the chocolate covered cherries, but sometime we give out one or two! Keep up the great blogging!

  7. wow this is so perfect!looks so adorable!

  8. Huge congrats to you two! Very cool. The ice cream looks fabulous! It's just about time for me to whip out my trusty ice cream maker and get started for the season. Nice inspiration!


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