Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Burp! Goes Gluten Free: Guest Post on Celiac in the City

This weekend, Peef and I did something we’ve never done before. We eliminated wheat and gluten from our diets. 

Why did we do it?
We took part in the Gluten Free Challenge because we were curious about what it would take to adhere to a more strict set of dietary guidelines.  We’ve been reading Sarah’s Celiac in the City blog now for the better part of year.  And we’ve also connected with other GF bloggers like Melissa from Gluten Free for Good and  Jenn and her gluten-free husband from Jenn Cuisine. We know that gluten free foods are popping up everywhere — great news for the one in 133 people suffering from celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes a severe allergy to wheat, rye, barley, and possibly oats.  But, we are also aware that avoiding gluten can still pose quite the challenge in our wheat-heavy world.

So, for two days (May 22-23) we decided to stand tall and proud, along with all of our GF blogger friends, and raise awareness about gluten intolerance. And it’s a little crazy how much we learned.  And we ate a ton of great food, including the gluten free burger you see in the photo!

And we wrote a guest post for Celiac in the City to tell you all about it!
Click on over, read our post, and give Sarah some good old fashioned blogger love!

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  1. I can't wait to try your GF food when we come and visit you this summer!!!

  2. This post could not be more timely for me. One of my friend's husbands just got diagnosed with celiac disease yesterday. I've been forwarding her as much information as I can, without completely overwhelming her. Will pass this along

  3. Sounds great! I am pretty much 75% GF - I have an intolerance, but not Celiacs. So I am able to eat wheat in small quantities, if it has been properly soured. Going over to check out your post.

  4. Will definitely check out your post. Although hubby finally had the gluten test and it came up negative, those tests tend to be inconclusive and his doctor advised him to keep up the restrictions anyway. It's a tough road, but we keep trying to stick to the gluten-free lifestyle.

  5. Laura - Heh. Now, if only I had your photography skillz...

  6. Those burger buns sound awesome. I think I'd make those even if I wasn't looking for gluten-free. The fries look amazing too.

  7. I couldn't imagine having to go gluten free permanently. I think I'd go nuts after about a week. Will definately check out your post!

  8. That is a great-looking burger! Sounds like an interesting challenge too.

  9. Looks like you ate really well all weekend! Congrats on surviving a weekend gluten free with tasty food!


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