Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Miracle of a New Year.

So, here we sit, in the last few days of a year that's been fraught with plenty of good -- but enough bad that I can't imagine wanting to hit "replay". And yet, I'm feeling very peaceful.

It's remarkable to think about the hope, the potential, and the joyful mystery of the new year.  I'm certainly not delusional, but I've always somehow believed in the hope that springs new upon the eve of the new year.  And, as I sit here contemplating what's to come -- I feel that hope.

Tomorrow we will wake up early. If we get up early enough, there will be coffee. And a bit of kranzkuchen. Steph will arrive and we'll drive off to gather our wares for another New Year's feast.  This year, we're exploring Asian cuisine.  We'll make up a bit of sushi, maybe some Chinese dumplings, a few eggrolls, some tempura, and whatever else we feel inspired to create. We'll cook all day, and nibble as we go. We'll laugh. Play games. Drink wine. And enjoy one another's company.  At midnight, we'll crack open a bottle of champagne and toast the new year.

And when it's all over, we'll drift off to sleep with smiling faces and full bellies. And we'll wake up to a blank slate. A new calendar. And the hope that, somehow, an exciting stretch of days just waiting to be shaped into something new, lay before us.

Although it's virtually impossible to simply place all of our burdens down at 11:59 p.m. on the eve of the new year, and wake up to an utterly clean slate on the first of the year, it's certainly a contemplation worth having. 

Our hopes and goals for 2010
Stress less, and pray more.
Love freely and deeply. 
Judge less, and be generous with our grace cards. 
Open up, and reach out. 
Stretch our boundaries.
Do more creating, and less tearing down. 
Eat well, and share meals often. 
Explore the boundaries of new cooking worlds. 
Focus on the immense possibility of possibility.

As you reflect on 2009 and step over the threshold of the new year, may only good await.
And may your 2010 hold nothing less than miracles.

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  1. Such lovely sentiments for a new year, and I love your photo of the "Storm of the Century"!

    I'm off to eat in NYC on January 1,(my first trip alone in about 5 years!) so just a homemade pizza in our house tomorrow... I'll be thinking of you and your sushi feast. My husband just got a cold so I'm hoping to ward it off, and if tomorrow evening ended early for all of us over here at Casa RCakewalk, I wouldn't at all be surprised. I'm thankful we'll all be together on the last night of the year.

    Best wishes to you both for a Happy, Healthy and Most Edible 2010!

  2. Lovely post! Enjoy your Asian feast, and have a great New Year. I'm looking forward to reading Burb in 2010.

  3. Happy New Year to you guys! I hope that 2010 is all that you hope for and more!

  4. I love the quote: I can't imagine wanting to hit "replay". I feel the same way about this past year. There are years when I passionately wouldn't want to push "replay" and some years when I'm ambivalent about pushing "replay." The best part about January 1 is the hope of "maybe this is the year that I will...."

    And linking to my Grace Card post is an honor. May you give out several but also receive many.

  5. I love your idea for spending the day. I can't wait to see your Asian creations!

    Have a wonderful new year. New York is currently being as pounded by snow as you are.

  6. Happy New Year! May your new year bring only joy and laughter. I look forward to reading more of your blog in 2010. :)

  7. May I please borrow your 'hopes & goals' list? They hit all the points of which I wish to be most mindful in the new year, especially about creating more and tearing down less. What wonderful words of wisdom!

  8. You may borrow anything you like, my dear! ... which reminds me, I need to come back and read this list over often!


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