Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Newsy Bits: Save the Date! October Eat Local Challenge

I was Very Pleased to go online today and find that the Eat Local Challenge site is back up and running. And they'll be sponsoring the 5th annual nationwide eat local challenge this October!

I can't tell you how amazed we were the first time we participated in an eat local challenge. We expected to experience LOTS of hardship and very little success. But, we were pleasantly surprised by all the great products we found locally -- with just a little bit of digging. The Eat Local Challenge also opened us up to the idea of getting to know some of our best local farmers, artisans, and business owners.

Five easy ways to start eating local:

  1. Shop your local farmer's market.
  2. Buy that bushel of corn and freeze it for winter eating.
  3. Travel to a local farm on the weekend and take advantage of their U-pick offerings.
  4. Grow a few pots of your own (very local) herbs.
  5. Support independent restaurants -- give up Starbucks for Chuck's and McDonald's for that locally owned diner you've driven past for the last couple of years

    Find your Farmers Market

You can participate at any level. Every single purchase makes a difference!
For any of you interested in joining in for the October Challenge, more info here.
We've signed on!

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  1. I do local food reviews for my job! And I eat local! Hooray for me!

  2. I love going to the Farmers Market on Saturdays and at the grocery I try to buy local products.


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