Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wisconsin State Fair: FOOD

Some people go to the state fair for the animals...
Some people go to the fair to ride the ferris wheel...
But, we like to go to the Wisconsin State Fair for the food...

When you're from Wisconsin, you've got to start things off right.
Once that first beer is gone, you're ready to tackle the rest of the fair.
Then it's time for breakfast. How about some nice, tender buttermilk pancakes with Wisconsin butter and fresh maple syrup??And how about some dark chocolate covered bacon on the side??
Peef was seriously enamoured with that bacon.
On the other hand, it was pretty difficult to resist the deep fried cheese curds.
Yeah -- I'm a fried cheese kindofa gal myself. And some of these curds were HUGE!

The sweet potato fries were pretty good.And so were the deep fried peanut butter and jelly sammiches (on a stick!)They were sweet and gooey...
And they tasted an awful lot like a peanut butter & jelly donut.
When we thought we couldn't eat another bite, we made friends with some pastry guys who were wearing funny hats.
Wisconsin State Fair is known for its cream puffs, made with Wisconsin cream.
YUM.After all that food, who could resist a nice cold glass of flavored milk?
Thanks Ms. Happy Cow!!*burp!*

Get a glimpse of last year's Wisconsin State Fair Finds.

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  1. Oh fair food! I heard that the fried PB& J was yummy. But what I really want to know is your guy's thought about the chocolate covered bacon!

  2. Your fair food is SO much better than my fair food. I want a deep-fried PB&J on a stick!

  3. LOL. You should totally do a MN State Fair food trip sometime. The fair is a short bus ride from my house and we could eat stuff on a stick all day. Love the PB sandwiches on a stick.

  4. Such fun!

    I was there various times throughout the week for work and managed to sample the chocolate-covered bacon and PB&J - both of which I loved! The bacon didn't really taste like bacon to me. It was more just like chocolate with salt and a strange texture.

    And today I tried the deep fried mac 'n cheese on a stick (I know, so last year...) It satiated my curiosity more than anything (and, I mean, you can pretty much deep fry anything and make it taste good, for a few bites at least).

    But the PB&J... oh man... I'm tempted to try to recreate it in all its gooey, fattening glory.

  5. Chocolate covered bacon... maybe it was just the piece I ate... or it could have been the beer I'd recently imbibed... but it was seriously fantastic. Give me salty and sweet and I'm totally happy.

    Now, was it the best bacon I've ever had?? Definitely not. But, everything is better with chocolate.

  6. Yeah, fairs seem to have the very best fried foods. Funnel cakes & zeppoles are the ones I'm after. Of course I always seem to be wearing a black shirt when I go.

  7. Oh my goodness. That chocolate covered bacon is the reason I will never go to the state fair! I'm too weak :)

  8. OMG that looks just awesome. I want that bacon!

  9. OK, I want everything except the bacon and milk. So I'll replace them with extra cheese and beer.

  10. You gotta bring your appetite to the state fair! There is a new focus on the culinary delights that can be found at the stat fair and you have shown proof of that.....I don't know about chocolate covered bacon but, darn the rest of it looked mighty good!

  11. I'm curious how chocolate-covered bacon would taste. After all, they are two of hte best things in the world. I ate a candy bar with bacon bits and was very disappointed, but I'm wondering if the combination would be better if the proportions were different.

    Fair food is the best. We don't have enough of these things around here.

  12. Love it!! I'm currently planning my food attack on the Minnesota State Fair. So far I've listed way, way too many foods and since I'm only going for 1 day, I must narrow this list down!

    Cream puffs were on my list, but I was imagining small itty bitty ones...not the ones you had (which look as big as my head!)

    Question for you: cheese curds with or without ketchup? (I say with ketchup, but others disagree).

  13. Cyan - I'm all about the ketchup. However, for this batch, I went with a jalepeno ranch dressing. I needed a little kick to keep me moving.

  14. Dang! Fried pb & j and chocolate covered bacon. We're not even sure if LA has these treats at its fairs. Gotta get to WI!

  15. We had the cheese curds, which we have to get at all Wisconsin festivals. we're waiting to try the chocolate-covered bacon at a Waukesha business, so we didn't have that. And we also had the omelet and grilled cheese in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion, and those were delicious as always.

    State Fair, there's always next year.

  16. What a fun post -- thanks for the pictoral tour of the fair. Ours is going on this weekend, and though we won't make it (book fair or state fair -- tough call but this year the books will win) we have some great food too. I was so happy to see the fried cheese curds -- We became Curd fans (I think it should be capitalized -- like a ball team or something) on our first trip to WI, and we've been loving them ever since. And making them...

  17. They stole an idea from the WI state fair. vosages goes hog wild! I saw this and thought of your post.

  18. Heh. Gotta be honest -- I think the Vosges Bacon Bar preceded the chocolate covered WI State Fair bacon... :) But, it's such a good idea...


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