Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wisconsin Food Blog Love

It's always great when we can give a big shout-out to people, locally, who are doing what we do and loving it. There aren't many of us blogging about food in Wisconsin -- or at least that's what I've gathered so far -- so we thought we'd give my own shout-out to all the Wisconsin bloggers we know!

NOTE: 10/10 The List has grown.  LOOK UP!  Fully Updated Blogroll has moved to the Header of the blog!!

If you think Wisconsin Foodies only talk about beer and cheese, you've got to think again.
Start by checking out these sites:
  • Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking Andrea is an extraordinarily creative local vegan presence (yay!) and a woman after my own heart (she cooks without recipes!)
  • Anna's Recipe Box Anna is an adventurous cook with a pork allergy and a penchant for Uzbek food
  • Between the Bars - Milwaukee, WI is a blog about east-side living in Milwaukee, written by Karen, a Wisconsin native who brings a sense of place to everything she writes (and sometimes she even writes about food).
  • Cheese Underground is THE place to find out about great Wisconsin artisan cheese.
  • Driftless Appetite Leslie and Keith live in the "Driftless Zone" of southwestern Wisconsin, and they believe there is not a better place to live on earth if you want fresh, diverse, locally produced food. We tend to agree!
  • A Duo of Chefs is a SOLE-ful blog (sustainable, organic, local, ethical) from SE Wisconsin that reflects an emphasis on low-fat and vegetarian dishes.
  • Eat Wisconsin is a site does an upstanding job showcasing the food and drink of Wisconsin.
  • French Kitchen in America Mimi grew up with food and understands the important connection between food, love, family and connecting with our roots.
  • Fussy Foodies Williamina and dc are a couple of professionals with a penchant for cooking, eating, and critiquing. Great place to go for local restaurant reviews.
  • Gimme Something to Eat Three (boy) eaters from Wisconsin with much time on our hands due to the long winters. They will eat whatever you send them...
  • Haverchuk - sadly defunct, but this Milwaukee blog comes highly recommended. Check the archives for the goods! You can also follow Michael on Twitter!
  • Healthy Living, One Day at a Time Kristi shares her weight loss secrets online!
  • Milwaukee Specialty Coffee serves up all the best fresh brewed coffee news & reviews! (Thanks for the rec, Yulinka)
  • No One Puts Cupcake in a Corner Milwaukee's own self-declared cupcake queen! (home of the Iron Cupcake)
  • Outpost Natural Foods - Food Video on YouTube
  • Post-College Kitchen A JSOnline blog by Alison Sherwood, who shares her struggles and triumphs while learning to cook
  • A Serving of Life is a fellow Foodbuzz Publisher who lives in Oshkosh, WI
  • Simple Comfort Food Dax Phillips is a food blogger from New Berlin, WI. He believes that life is too short to count calories, so everyone should enjoy all sorts of great food in moderation! A-MEN, Dax!
  • Stuff We Eat (A Lot!) is Mom's Recipe Blog -- a collection of family favorites, staples & special treats that Mom wrote down for her fam!
  • A Taste of Life Melissa is a full-time student at UW-Milwaukee who shares hints, tips, and recipes for living a healthy lifestyle
  • What Geeks Eat Vanessa is a freelance writer, cook, gadgethead, and advocate for locally grown food.
  • Wisconsin Foodie Don't miss the video of us at the Pinehold Gardens Pig Roast!
  • Yulinka Cooks Go here for great Russian-inspired fare!

Wisconsin foodies gots to stick together, you know?
Know of any others? Let me know! I'll add them to our list.

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  1. I want to come visit for sure now!

  2. What a great list! I'll have to check them out. I'm in California, and there's no shortage of food blogs here :)

  3. I love finding new blogs to read!! Thanks!!

  4. What a great list-and new reading for me-thanks!!

  5. Thanks for the link! Great round-up.

  6. By the way, another great (and sadly defunct) Wisconsin food blog is Great stuff in the archives. Also, Milwaukee Specialty Coffee for local coffee news.

  7. Thanks for the shout-out. :) Great round-up of local bloggers.

  8. Well, I'm a Northern Virginia blogger but I grew up in WI and my family and friends are still there (anyone familiar with Waupaca?). Looking forward to checking out these WI blogs since the state will always be dear to my heart!

  9. Thanks for the recs, Yulinka! I'll add those to the list!

    Kristy - I think you can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can't really take the WI out of the girl :)

  10. That's great. I love finding local bloggers and seeing what they make with what's availabein our area.

    Maybe it's a stereotype, but I'd be disappointed if Wisconsin bloggers didn't talk about cheese at least some of the time!

  11. I've been meaning to thank you for the mention. I'll be sure to stop back soon. In the meantime, I hope to see you between the bars. :)

  12. Yeah, Wisconsin! I may be from Illinois, but I've spent my summers and three years of college in the far northern woods of your state, and I am a fan. Great list of links!

  13. Great list! Thanks for adding me.

  14. Thanks for adding me to your blog list! I've been enjoying reading your blogs. I LIKE Milwaukee. Though I don't get there often, every time I go I have a great time.

  15. I'll have to send this on to my parents and sister and her family who all live near Madison. Good links!

  16. I'm from New Berlin and have been blogging about food for about 3 years now. My site is

    thanks, and great listing.

  17. Thanks for the list. My bf and I started a food blog a few days ago :)

  18. I live in Milwaukee and JUST started my own food blog.....I hope to get going!

  19. How fun!! I have a food blog and I'm in Twin Lakes, WI I'm always watching profiles to see if any bloggers are in my neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing these, and I will check out the ones in the comments as well!

  20. Great list!! I have a food blog in madison: I'm always looking to find more Wisconsin food bloggers to link to, this is great!

  21. So glad to find this list! I also have a food blog. The link is Would be great if you can add me to your list.


  22. newest food blog out there, I'm sure. check out

  23. so new, I even got our addy's

  24. so happy to find this list! I have a food blog as well - i'm a student at UW-Madison. my site is

  25. Great list :)Thanks for sharing this here. I'm gonna check some Wisconsin food. :)


  27. Check out: for another WI blogger. :)

  28. Thanks for the suggestion -- Badger Girl Learns to Cook is on our new, expanded list, which you can find at:



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