Monday, April 20, 2009

Morel Majority: THANKS for Your VOTE!

Thanks for all the votes... all the support... and for reading our blog and sticking with us. I promise we'll be back to our "regularly scheduled" programming now :)

Check out the Winning Announcement HERE.

First of all, I want to tell ALL of you how incredibly humbled and grateful we are for all of the support you've given us throughout this morel challenge! We are stupified. We could never have anticipated all the incredible emails... and comments... and votes!! It's Awesome!

But, the competition is still fierce. And a win is never guaranteed. So, it's back on the campaign trail for a few hours longer...

Did you vote for our Morel & Leek Strata over at
(Did you know that you can vote more than once if you have more than one computer?)

If not, we want you to at least consider a short trip over there to at least check out the competition. Cuz we firmly believe that we've got something good going on. And really -- If you can find anything more succulent, more tantalizing, more unique than this-here strata...
We'd be very surprised.
The polls are officially CLOSED.

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  1. I'm going to vote!

    And of course I'm going to make you read. I've got to put whimsy in your life somehow, with your sophisticated dishes of morels and such! :)

  2. Done and done! That is a fantastic recipe. It's looking good for you...Good luck!!!

  3. *hopping on brothers', dad's , mom's computer to vote * :)

  4. You guys... I'm excited. And floored. And... wow! You're so incredible.

    But... how am I EVER going to make it until 2pm (my time) tomorrow??!!

  5. I knew you 2 would win!! You have the most incredible creative minds!!

  6. Hurray! You did it! Congrats! Ooops I didn't know I could vote from each computer. Didn't think about it and I have three. Luckily it all worked out.

  7. Hi

    Congratulations on your this success.


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