Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Bits: Cornmeal Waffles with Fried Chicken & Mushroom Milk Gravy

While the rest of you were enjoying your leisurely weekend activities, we were busy throwing our New Year's resolutions to the wayside, our caution to the wind, and our healthy eating habits to the dogs. And it was SO much fun.

First, Peef wandered over to Bunzel's Old Fashioned Meat Market to pick up a bit of their double-smoked slab bacon. What he DID expect was the usual Saturday morning crowd. What he didn't expect was for the butcher to hand him a package of bacon that was... unexpectedly fresh. Oh, yeah baby. This smoked piggy had just made its way to the butcher case from the smoker -- and it was still warm. He was seriously giddy when he brought the bacon home and pushed it into my hands. As the smoky bits warmed my palms and permeated my nostrils, I decided that this was going to be a Very Good Day indeed. And it turns out I was right.

I cooked up a batch of good old fashioned southern greens with that bacon. And my, oh my, were they good. Also made some delicious smashed potatoes with garlic and smoked gouda.

And then... the crowning moment... we fried up some chicken. What you should know about us is that we fry chicken... oh, maybe once every couple of years. So, this was a very special day. And you can imagine that hopes were particularly high.
Fortunately for us, all possibility of myocardial infarctions aside, this fried chicken was Seriously Good. And we enjoyed our southern dinner with particular gusto.

But, the best was yet to come. Now there was LEFTOVER fried chicken. We were almost too giddy for words. We popped straight out of bed the next morning in anticipation of what came next -- waffles with fried chicken and gravy.
This was a special occasion, so we didn't make just any old waffles. Nope. We hauled out the big guns and manufactured some of the best cornmeal waffles that you've ever laid eyes upon. They were light. And crisp. And flavorful. And the cornmeal gave them just the right amount of "oomph" to push them right past "good" and so far into "fabulous" that we have to just take a moment, right now, to reflect.
And yeah -- I'm going to give you a little bit more time with this photograph. Cuz it was seriously That Good.
If you've got somewhere to be, then I'll let you go. But, please -- take a couple of recipes along. After all, you might be frying up some chicken real soon.

Milk gravy with mushrooms

Cornmeal waffles with buttermilk

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  1. Wow, this was a good day! Very nice indeed. I've never had cornmeal wafles but now I hooked on the idea.

  2. Everything about your dinner sounds terrific! I want some of that chicken!!

  3. That's some serious comfort food!

  4. YESSSSSS!!!! Chicken with the waffles!!!! But we do syrup...gotta have the sweet with it. Fab!

  5. You guys are seriously insane! Please call me next time before you have such a breakdown! Where is the fried chicken recipe? Cornmeal waffles? How perfect! My grandpa makes fried phesant with waffles and good....

  6. Now THAT is serious comfort food! I've never had chicken and waffles, but I've heard others rave about it. That gravy is killer, too! YUM!

  7. That is my kind of meal. Totally my kind of meal. Got any leftovers?

  8. Cathy - Oh, definitely try cornmeal waffles; they're also just perfect topped with blueberries!

    Bunny - You're welcome at our house anytime!

    Sophie - You can't imagine what you're missing!

    LC - Yes, a bit too serious maybe. It's back to the gym this week!

    Duodishes - We've read about the chicken/syrup bit, but couldn't envision it. Guess we'll have to try it next time.

    vehementflame - Can't say I have a recipe. Soak in buttermilk/hot sauce overnight. Dredge in flour seasoned with smoked paprika, garlic, salt, and pepper. Dredge again. And fry! Easy!

    Paula - Never done it before, but we're sure to do it again. Chicken with waffles ROCKS.

    Blonde Duck - Leftovers? Are you kidding?

  9. Waffles - good
    Fried chicken - good
    Milk gravy - never heard the likes but looks soooo good...

    I'd imagine it was a silent table for that meal, bar the smack of lips on fingers...

  10. OH Heavens! I really like that waffle recipe. I think I'm going to have to go home for some Waffelungen. Who would have thought of cornmeal? I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks!

  11. damn... DAMN! i should not be reading this. i just got back from the gym to work off all the crud i ate this w/e and i'm starving, wanting to snack and i'm staring at this post. wtf!? this is wrong... so wrong.

    love the idea of the cornmeal addition. but really i want a bite out of that chicken. it's been years since i ate some.

  12. yowza
    no other words
    oh except these
    I WANT!!!

  13. Oh My Good Lord!This all looks so delicious!! I so would love to have some. It all looks so fabulous! TRULY!

  14. This is what I've been meaning to make. My own fried chicken.

  15. Wow, that sounds like some seriously good food!! I've never even made my own wafles.. how sad is that. I think I will try your recipe very very soon! (first have to get a wafle iron, I suppose...)

  16. I have yet to enjoy this combination...but if I were to have a plate of it in front of me, I would dive in!

  17. THIS will be the reason why I'll buy a waffle maker. SOLD!!!!

  18. C'mon you two, what the heck, you're killing me. Seriously, those waffles n gravy are over the top! Fried chicken would never EVER makes it to leftovers in my house. I'd so serve this for dinner.


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