Monday, March 30, 2009

Quick & Easy: Squash Soup with a Red Curry Kick

Now that spring has sprung, I'm enrapt in the adventure of cleaning out my winter veggie freezer stores. In addition to clearing space to make way for the upcoming summer bounty, using what's on hand means I'm able to save quite a bit of money on groceries.

This past week, when Peef poked his head down into our chest freezer, he found a package of winter squash puree that we'd forgotten about. I'd saved it up to make a batch of that beer-cheese-squash soup, but we didn't have any nice sharp cheddar cheese on hand. So, I decided to improvise.

A glance into the pantry revealed that I had ... not one, not two... but THREE little jars of Thai Kitchen red curry paste on hand. Apparently the paste was on sale at some point this winter, and my hoarding impulses took over for a moment. Needless to say, it seemed like a good move to amend my soup-making plans in that direction.

I sauteed an onion in a bit of coconut oil, and added a couple of teaspoons of the paste to the mix.
Then I added my squash puree, and stirred everything up thoroughly.
I added a can of low-fat coconut milk, and continued to stir until the soup was fragrant and creamy.
Then, I added 2/3 cup or so of diced red pepper -- for color and a bit of crunch. I let the soup simmer for 15-20 minutes, until the flavors melded. And then I poured it into bowls.
A bit of cilantro on top, and everything looked delicious.
This soup was definitely a delicious change of pace. The complexity of the red curry was a nice match for the uber-sweet squash, and the coconut milk gave the soup a lovely tropical edge without making it too rich. I have to admit I made it a BIT too spicy, even for our taste... but a less heavy hand on the curry paste would solve that in a jif.

This soup was the height of simple, weeknight cooking. Not altogether recipe-worthy, since it was so easy -- but delicious enough to warrant a repeat performance. This would be a fantastic soup to serve as a starter for a more intricate Thai feast... might have to start planning one of those for next winter.

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  1. I wish I was talented enough to think of new combinations like that. Kudos to you for using your resources!

  2. that does look delicious! WOW! I am missing the butternut already!

  3. Mmmm, creamy squash soup. I bet it's fantastic.

  4. Oh my word this is lovely. The color is very nice too and appetizing.

  5. This soup looks so creamy and wonderful and the curry sounds like it adds just the right kick!

  6. This looks great - I added some rogan josh seasoning from Penzey's to my butternut soup a few weeks back, it came out quite good.

  7. I am in such a soup mood today. This looks so comforting, creamy and delicious!!! I love the spice kick!

  8. That looks so creamy!

  9. Oh wow, this sounds amazing! I love curry.. especially in a soup. Great job. :)

  10. This sounds like a great soup! You can't go wrong with sweet and spicy.

  11. I wish was a creative cook, but I'm not, that's why i love your blog. You do things I'd never think of!

  12. This soup looks almost too pretty to eat. The colors are so vibrant. I'm usually not a fan or squash soup, but I think I will like this one because I adore coconut milk and cilantro. Will definitely give it a try. Thanks.

  13. Nice idea for using up that stuff in the kitchen you can't get rid of. I've made a similar soup with sweet potatoes and it's great. You can't go wrong with Thai coconut curry!


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