Monday, September 15, 2008

West Bend Farmer's Market

Another weekend down. And another trip to a new farmer's market accomplished!

I have to admit that I didn't really know what to expect when we journeyed up to West Bend to check out their Saturday morning market. The last time I'd been there was about ten years ago, and there were only a few vendors. But, these days, the West Bend Farmer's Market is pretty inspiring. Not only is it HUGE (it takes up a couple of blocks downtown), but there was lots of phenomenal produce to be had.

We arrived at the market hungry, and were glad to find lots of delicious edibles ready to be snarfed. These cinnamon claws were just right -- not too sweet, with plenty of cinnamon flavor.
The watermelon was also looking pretty refreshing. We passed on buying one of these lovely melons, but I've been regretting it ever since.
Seems quite a number of vendors had an unusually nice aesthetic going on. This farm displayed all of their lovely produce in baskets, which made me want to take home one of everything.
And I was really pleased by the selection of goodies being offered. We picked up a couple of fine looking zucchini, some eggplant, and a nice bunch of chard.
Other vendors seemed to prize size over just about anything. These kohlrabis were a steal at just $3 each.
But, the winner of the market was, by far, the garlic. Seems garlic was available just about everywhere -- in all sorts of forms.
In fact, I was absolutely tickled to find an entire table of garlic varieties -- all clearly labeled with informative descriptions. We ended up hauling home a number of heads, despite the fact that we were already pretty well stocked!
But, that wasn't the end of our adventure! We also found lots of local delicacies that we weren't expecting -- like locally grown flavored popcorn!
Oh, yes -- and the entertainment was also pretty... er... entertaining.
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  1. Beautiful stuff. I need to get my butt up on Saturday morning and go to the market!

  2. Oh sure - one of the weekends we didn't go to the FM in WB! We missed you! :-( The kids and I love the FM in WB! It is the best - we get a bag of cheese curds (amongst many other things) but it is one of our treats for Sat lunch then!
    Plan to be there this weekend! ;-) jo

  3. The Farmer's Market in West Bend is one of the things that I miss. Even though we have found several nice Farmer's Markets here in MN the one in West Bend is still one of my favorites. We go whenever we are in the area. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.
    MN Mom

  4. That photo is too funny!

    I almost hate it when farmer's market sell all kinds of bread and pastries. I go there to be healthy and the temptation is EVERYWHERE to do otherwise. (Of course I do have the option of not buying - yeah. I'm not gonna buy that stuff. Riiiigggght, chalk one up for Miss No WillPower)

  5. Sounds like so much fun! I love farmers market mornings! That gatrlic looks awesome and so do the yellow watermelons!

  6. There's nothing like getting up on saturday Morning and going to the farmers market, it's something my husband and i love to do, of course we always buy way to much stuff and love every minute of it!

  7. Lovely produce, I wish we had a market like that!


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