Sunday, September 21, 2008

Holy Mole, Batman!

When we bought our pepper plants this spring, we didn't know a THING about the Holy Molé peppers we bought. we really just chose them for their name.

As it turns out, however, we happened upon a real winner. Literally.
Turns out the Holy Molé is one of the the first hybrid pasilla peppers -- and the 2007 All-American Selection. And it's known for its unusually high yield. Which explains the armloads of peppers we've been hauling in from our two measley plants!!

We let our Molés ripen up to a nice chocolate brown color before harvesting -- which means that they were absolutely lovely when sliced.
And the flavor is quite unique -- sweet, with a bit of a peppery tang. Even a bit nutty, perhaps... So far, we've given a few away to friends. And we threw some into those fabulous seafood enchiladas we made last week.

Not sure exactly what we'll do with the rest of our bounty, though they are probably screaming to be dehydrated for future use in a molé sauce.

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  1. maybe I should try to grow that kind of pepper next year....I might have better luck!

  2. We received some of these in our CSA portion last week. I tried to roast and peel them, since I was told they were a pasilla hybrid, and that's what I do with pasillas. Big mistake, big mess, they disintegrated. I will try a different technique with the batch in this week's box.


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