Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Grill Fest 2008

It's become a tradition for us to get together with friends over Labor Day weekend and bit farewell to summer with a dinner made completely on the grill.

This year, at Grill Fest 2008, we feasted on the following:
  1. Grilled french bread with grilled camembert and sour cherries
  2. Locally grown "golden boy" tomatoes with red sea salt and basil oil
  3. Barbequed bean and cheese chiles rellenos
  4. Melon salad with lime and chiles
  5. Grilled artichoke a la mode pizza
We started with the grilled bread and cheese.
Which ended up topped with sour cherry compote.
Then, we feasted on some delicious fresh tomatoes (the one item we didn't feel the need to grill)!
Then, we moved on to these spicy little numbers...Which made us a little bit thirsty. So, we indulged in Dancing Man Wheat, a local brew from New Glarus Brewing Company.A little while later, we hauled out this refreshing chile-lime melon salad, which functioned as a spectacular palate cleanser. Oh - - I guess this was another thing that we didn't subject to the heat of the grill...
We followed the salad with our favorite artichoke a la mode pizza... The smokey flavor imparted by the grill made this pie even more spectacular than we rememembered. YUM.Dessert turned out to be grilled plum and blackberry sundaes (really, really, fantastic sprinked with ginger snap crumbs and drizzled with caramel sauce)... but, unfortunately, nobody managed to get a picture of those!

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  1. Wow, great tradition! Everything looks delicious, but I'm particularly intrigued by that chile relleno recipe since my poblano plants are finally yielding some peppers.

  2. looks so much better then my crappy weekend!

  3. What a feast!
    I'll take a beer, please.

  4. All of it looks great. I love that cheese and cherry compote!

  5. It all looks wonderful! What a great way to say goodbye to summer!

  6. I'm available next year for this party...geez it all looks so delicious...that cheese and bread and pizza...wowzer.

  7. MMMMmmm Grilled Brie with cherry compote...sounds awesome. How did it turn out? I have never tried to grill cheese in the rind like that.


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