Friday, September 5, 2008

Crispifried Okra

Our adventures with oven "fried" zucchini made us eager to try this technique out with another vegetable. But what would be next??

Now, neither of us are from the south, but we're both suckers for some good old down-home cooking. So, we were super excited to find some delicious looking okra at the farmer's market. And since okra is made for frying, we decided to put it to the test.

We figured it was a good idea to show you that we really did start off with some nice, fresh okra.

Because the delightfully crisp results were almost too good to be true. These were crisp, light, and delightfully crunchy. Paired with four imaginative sauces (ginger wasabi, ketchup, siracha chile sauce, and ginger teriyaki), these were really too good for words.
Crisp. Crunchy. Browned. Delightful.

Oven Fried Okra
LOCAL QUOTIENT: The okra was locally grown, breadcrumbs came from leftover buns from a local bakery, and flour was milled in the Midwest. So, that's pretty darned local! Close to 90%

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  1. I keep wanting to try okra. There is a local farmer who gorws it, but its not something I am familiar with having only lived in California. I like what you have done. sounds great.

  2. Do you know I have never tried okra...weird huh? This looks good though.

  3. I love fried okra. Seriously, one of my favorite foods. Either you like it or you don't.

    I've never tried it in the oven. Looks so good!

  4. Okra is a seriously delightful Southern treat. We like it just about any way it can be fixed: stewed (like in gumbo), deep fried, oven fried, even pickled!

    Your oven fried looks great, but I must confess that I can't resist deep frying it as my preference (even though I know I shouldn't).

  5. we just can't get it easily here, I'd love to try some okra... maybe i should get the finger out and go to a speciality store! I've a feeling it'd be worth it!


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