Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things We Love: Zingerman's

Our love affair with Zingerman's started almost exactly five years ago when we received a package from them in the mail. A dear friend from Michigan sent us a housewarming gift of fabulous Zingerman's bread and cheese. And she started something huge.

Now, we LOVE bread and cheese. But, this was no ordinary example of either. The bread was the crustiest. And the cheese... ah, that cheese! I can't recall the name offhand (could it have been bamalou?), but taste memory is an indelible thing.

Zingerman's started as a deli in 1982, and it has become a custodian for fantastic foods from around the world. From cheese to olive oil to balsamic vinegar, it's the place to find any number of indulgences (which also make great foodie gifts).

We don't order from Zing's nearly often enough. But, I do enjoy perusing their list of "Great Unknowns," which includes fantastic things like the licorice chocolate bar and violet mustard.

Bet you can't resist a peek!

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  1. violet mustard sounds amazing! I've a mustard loving man so I might have to hunt that down!

  2. oh, zingerman's...i can't go to their site very often, because every time i do i blow the budget all to hell for the next 6 months.

    i could live on bread and cheese.


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