Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rhubarb with Coriander and Lime

We were really excited about the lovely bunch of locally grown rhubarb from our CSA this past week. But, we couldn't decide exactly how we wanted to use it. Usually, we end up making the requisite "rhubarb torte" (a Midwestern favorite with a basic crust, rhubarb layer, and meringue topping). But, this time we wanted to try something a bit "out of the box".

Intrigued by an article she read suggesting that coriander was fabulous in combination with citrus flavors, Lo decided to stick her neck out and try something slightly more inventive. Turns out the flavor combination of rhubarb, coriander, and lime was just fabulous. The coriander plays nicely with the lime zest -- and brings something new and different to a springtime staple.

This stewed rhubarb was fabulous over a scoop of vanilla yogurt with an oatmeal cookie on the side. We could also envision this being fantastic as an add-in to yogurt. Or served with oatmeal for breakfast.

Rhubarb with Coriander and Lime

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  1. Tis the season for rhubarb! I'm loving all of these rhubarb posts I'm seeing around the blogsphere. They keep me laughing all day! ;-)


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