Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Favorite Sortofa Jerk

One of the things I love about warmer weather is that it gives us every excuse to haul out the grill. It's also a great excuse to pump up the heat and try some genuinely SPICY fare.

This is one of my favorite summertime recipes. Served with a bit of spring asparagus and a side of Jamaican Beans & Rice, it goes down easily (even if it burns a bit). For those of you who like less heat, be sure to cut down on the habanero pepper. I don't advocate leaving it out altogether. This is Jamaican-style bbq, after all. But you can definitely seed the pepper for starters.

Our Favorite Jerk Chicken
adapted from FOOD & WINE magazine (not sure which issue)

Creative Commons License
©BURP! Where Food Happens


  1. YUM! That looks really great. My hubby will love that.

    ps I love the Braggs.

  2. LOVE jerk chicken- and yours looks delicious! I may have to go pick up Food & Wine now...

  3. Heather - Yes, this is a very good recipe (though it's from a very OLD Food & Wine). That said, there is a really great article on Jamaican food in the June 08 issue (sans jerk).


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