Sunday, June 8, 2008

Farmer's Market: West Allis

Normally, we're trolling farmers' markets as soon as we possibly can -- which, even here in the north can be as early as mid-May. But, this year it seems our weekends have been sucked up by other activities, so we've been a little behind.

We finally made it out to the West Allis farmer's market this weekend (in between drops of rain). Established in approximately 1919, the West Allis Farmers Market has been a source of fine fresh produce for generations of families. Grandparents and parents have brought their children and relatives to shop at one of the largest, if not the oldest, established Farmers Markets in southeastern Wisconsin. The grounds were newly renovated in 2007, and now provide one of the finest market experiences in the Milwaukee area.

That's Lo standing to the right of the sign.
As it turns out, there was Very Little produce at the market (we did spy some baby bok choy, and a few vendors offered spinach). But, we did see lots and lots of lovely flowers.
We ended up talking ourselves into a couple of early hydroponic tomatoes, but otherwise ended up empty handed for this week.

Thank goodness for our CSA!

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  1. Hi - a beautiful foodblog!
    I will be back soon to take a more detailed look.

  2. Our local farmers market had little yellow cherry tomatoes this weekend. I bought four baskets I was so excited to see them back! I've been buying those hydroponic tomatoes, which are great in principle, and just okay in taste. I will send warm tomato engery your way!

  3. Farmer's markets frustrate me. They always open waaayyyy too late in the season. I have to wait too long before there is a convenient farmer's market with lots of good edible stuff in it. I envy people whose climates keep farmer's markets going year round.


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