Thursday, May 29, 2008

My New Favorite: Yogurt

I am just finishing up my lunch, and I'm just dying to share a new favorite thing.

Greek Gods Greek Yogurt: Fig

I'm slurping down the last little bit of it as I type and --flavorwise -- it's fantastic. The contrast between the sweet fig and the tangy, thick yogurt is phenomenal. And I'm liking the fact that it's not too sweet.

Now, there is a downside. If you're a purist, I'll warn you that this is not authentic "drained" Greek yogurt. I didn't need to visit Chowhound to figure that one out. I silencd my "inner snob" right away as I was standing in the dairy aisle. Ultimately, the fig yogurt was on sale and it sounded good (fig yogurt is not exactly commonplace around these parts), so I caved.

On top of everything, it's not exactly a local product (it comes out of Washington State). We try to stick with local products as much as possible. But, sometimes I just can't resist trying something new and out-of-the-usual-box.

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  1. Fig yogurt?? Yum! I've tried the Greek Gods plain yogurt, but I'll have to look for the fig flavor now...

  2. I am a huge fan of Greek yogurt and will try to find this selection around here. Thanks for the tip! Sounds delicious!

  3. my personal favorite yogurt also comes out of washington state (cascade fresh or cascade farms, something like that). what is it with washington yogurt?



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